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Star Swim Schools was founded on the belief that water skills and safety are invaluable life lessons that should be instilled early. They provide an enjoyable, developmentalally appropriate learn to swim environment that runs for 49 weeks annually to provide consistent training that allows their students to advance quickly through levels.

Baby Swimming Lessons

Baby swimming lessons are the first step toward teaching your baby how to be safe around water and make memories that will last a lifetime. Swimming classes for babies provide numerous advantages such as improved balance, coordination, lung capacity development and cognitive growth – not forgetting bonding opportunities!

Swimming can be an amazing way to keep your child active and healthy, no matter if they own or rent their own pool at home. Selecting an excellent swim school will ensure your child receives quality lessons while remaining happy. Ideally, each instructor should also be accommodating as every child learns at a different rate.

If your baby is ready to take their first steps into swimming, enroll them in classes with a professional swim instructor. These experts are specially trained to create a fun yet safe learning environment for children of all ages; they’ll show them how to float front and back, kick for 10 feet, and get used to being in water. Once these skills have been mastered, the swim coordinator will determine when your child can advance from one level to another depending on exit skills.

Kids Swimming Lessons

Kids swimming lessons clyde north at Star Swim School offer children an ideal way to build water safety skills, gain confidence in the water, and refine their stroke techniques over longer distances. Students of any experience level are welcome to come join this small class environment where children thrive!

Swimming school Cranbourne provides its young learners with a safe and secure learning environment to make them feel at ease in the water. Their instructors also train children on how to breathe properly in water as well as how to float their bodies when in the pool, thus instilling lifesaving swimming skills at an early age.

At Swim Now we are looking for instructors with a passion for teaching children. Join our exciting and rewarding career opportunity now by applying! We provide classes for all ages near every day of the year at all our locations – each session focusing on one season with weekly proration of lesson prices for customers wishing to join already started sessions. You’ll find that learning in an environment of safety and friendship ensures your child can achieve success in swim lessons!

Adult Swimming Lessons

At Aquatics and Wellness we offer private, semi-private and group swim lessons. Private one-on-one lessons last 45 minutes and can be scheduled in advance depending on participants and instructor availability.

Students take classes to gain water adjustment skills and begin mastering basic swimming skills such as submerging, front/back floating, kicking/bobbing/arm strokes. Parents are not permitted to accompany their children; those not yet toilet trained must wear swim diapers/tight fitting waterproof pants beneath their swimsuits.

Aquatics lessons focus on increasing endurance and honing technique for all major competitive strokes, while simultaneously teaching water safety skills to meet Lifeguard readiness status. Individual lessons are available for adults and children of all ages – contact us to arrange one every Saturday and Sunday between 1 pm and 1:00 pm! Evaluations also available every other Wednesday afternoon between 7 pm and 8 pm.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons offer a more focused and tailored learning experience, whether in group setting or one on one. Our instructors use fun methods and ensure students achieve success through structured skills progression. Learn to swim today in an encouraging and supportive environment!

StarBaby swimming classes clyde north provide an innovative approach to infant swimming lessons. Based on age but adapted for more advanced babies within each level, our StarBaby lessons engage babies through activities, songs, water safety measures and survival exercises without force or trauma – classes last 30 minutes in duration.

Jinith Nair never learned to swim as a child but has recently joined one of our adult learn to swim programs at one of our locations. Here’s what he had to say about his experience – now inquire!

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