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For the past twelve months, I have referred to Elgato Stream DeckMini as “a valuable tool in any streaming kit.”

For a long time, Elgato is known for making cheap capture equipment. He dabbled in another hobby area and created a cheaper mixer that can be switched to a better deck size.

With a few customizable buttons, you can control all the components of the streaming method without leaving the home screen.

Right: As I said, the exact transfer deck is roughly the same size as the deck of cards: 4.5 x 3.5 x 0.8 inches to be precise. Smoothly tucked into the back of the keyboard.

In this compact space, there are many programs with the aforementioned 15 OLED buttons, which are arranged in a 3×5 grid.

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These buttons can be fully programmed according to the resources used by the end user, and when using (for example) the Elgato app you want to use Twitter Precision Movement, expand to more by 15 buttons To cover the potential of creating folders Kit Builds, others for OBS, some for Shadowplay, etc.

There may be some important actions (“start streaming”) stored in the top Elgato Stream Deck MiniIDG / Hayden Dingman. It may be tricky, but Fill in all 15 buttons Stream Deck, especially if you are a fan or want to bypass the positive steps of classic college fashion.

A presentation box with some completely meaningless features, such as a few taps on Spotify. It does not require any other quality except for start/stop streaming, start/stop recording, and some scene change behaviors.

Stream Deck Mini seems to be made specifically for people like me. f 15 key, there are six, three in a row.

However, these are OLED buttons, fully programmable, and can customize the icon for each button.In particular, it has the exact function of Stream Deck, in fact… much less. However, this is more than enough for me. I have been talking about Ultimate Stream Deck since twelve months, and I have been jealous of how easy it is. The console uses a streaming method, basically clicking a button, and voila.

However, for PC, things are not that simple. Successfully installing OBS or Shadowplay requires some knowledge, but we succeeded. Once the settings are presented to you, it is really as simple as clicking a button, and you are done.

Elgato Stream Deck MiniIDG / Hayden Dingman A, excellent.A very personal computer tool of mine, Brad Chakos, buddy. Installation However, installing Stream Deck Mini is still a challenge. The basics are very simple-assigning commands to buttons is a drag-and-drop method. Then edit some key elements. Information, give a title, maybe extract the font in Comic Sans, it’s easy.

However, the icon appearing tool is still a portal that feels cumbersome and sloppy. Since icon customization is an important part of the Stream Deck Mini version, it is strange that Key Creator (as Elgato calls it) is not protected by the same package due to other packages. The list of available commands becomes very long. Do you want more best gaming accessories?

This may be a fairly mature market, but Elgato has been launching new mixers and streaming lab OBS tutorials for the past 12 months, and a deck section that says there is no shorter ns than Giving Accurate. New commands are introduced. OBS and Twitch can be an overwhelming part, especially if you really turn to streaming.What is the difference between OBS and Streamlabs OBS? Do you need to worry?

Elgato Stream Deck Mini-SoftwareIDG / Hayden Dingman: Of course, this is not Elgato’s fault, but it fully illustrates the fragmented nature of the PC streaming world. Advantages As it grows and the team continues to pursue modern and better skills, but the curve of understanding user details is overwhelming, and Stream Deck is hardly helpful in facilitating human access.

The default or recommended settings for today’s customers have decreased again. However, this is knowledge that even amateur anchors need to collect, because the reality is that we have not yet obtained a turnkey diploma on PC. I’m just getting closer.

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