The Complete electric bike Buying Guide

Although the electric vehicle and electric bike industries are still relatively new compared to other transportation sectors of the economy, the buzz around electric bikes has started to gain attention in the past year — and rightfully so. On. With so many people looking to buy their bikes these days, understanding the basics of metrics is crucial to determining the best electric bike for you and your needs.

So, to help our readers give an informed opinion before buying, we have created a blog series to help our audience understand, compare and choose the best eskute electric bike for them. In this series, we’ll compare each of the ten most recognized electric bikes in various categories, based on specific parameters designed to help narrow your search. We’ve also created charts so our readers can quickly compare any electric bikes not mentioned in our series.

What is an electric bicycle?

An electric bike is simply a regular bicycle with a modified frame designed to house the electric motor and battery pack.

Most electric bikes are “pedal assist,” which means the motor doesn’t kick in to give you a boost unless you turn the pedals. The harder you pedal, the more support you get from the motor.

Why use electric bikes?

Improve your health

Most cyclists choose electric bikes because they smooth out hills and allow you to ride further and faster than your current fitness level. That doesn’t mean electric bikes aren’t for you. The extra boost keeps you in the saddle longer, which makes you healthier because you still have to put in the effort.

Riders with limited mobility, especially those with legs, will benefit from electric bikes because you don’t have to move around as fast. With less impact on joints and lungs, the extra boost can even help experienced riders stay on the bike later in life.

Carefree travel

A major disadvantage of commuting by bike is panting and sweating profusely. If your workplace doesn’t have facilities like showers and changing rooms, the thought of sniffling all day can be daunting.

More off-road fun

The fastest-growing segment of electric bikes is the electric mountain bike (e-MTB). With an e-MTB, you can fly up the climbs so you don’t burn out on the descents. You can use your energy for epic descents and long runs throughout the day.

How do electric bikes work?

All electric bikes we sell are electric bikes – pedal assist. When you start pedaling, the motor monitors your input and applies just the right amount of boost you need. This support changes when you move up or down. Once you reach 15.5 mph, the assist stops. Riding an electric bike is very easy. All you have to do is turn it on and start pedaling, and the motor will do the rest.


An electric bike is just a standard bicycle with an additional motor and battery pack. You can use them to improve your fitness, beat the morning rush, scale hills, or go off-road for fun.

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