The Glutathione Injection By Vesco Pharma Gluta C 1000 And Vitamin C

The Glutathione Injection By Vesco Pharma Gluta C 1000 And Vitamin C

Glutathione C 1000 injection from Vesco Pharma is a blend of Liquid Nano Glutathione and Vitamin C, which is taken intravenously or intramuscularly to brighten your skin and rejuvenate it.

Glutathione Injection By Vesco Pharma with Gluta C 1000 and Vitamin C

Glutathione Injection by Vesco pharma Gluta C 1000 revitalizes your skin by removing wrinkles, acne marks, dark spots, and depigmentation areas. Liquid nanoglutathione and Vitamin C are the ingredients in Vesco Pharma’s Gluta C 1000. Gluta C 1000 is taken intravenously or intramuscularly to achieve luminous skin and a youthful appearance. In each box, there are 10 5ml Vesco Pharma’s Gluta C 1000 ampules containing 1000mg of Nano Liquid Glutathione Formula and 1000mg of Vitamin C.

Glutathione & Vitamin C: What are they? What exactly do they do?

The skin has unique cells called melanocytes. Skin is pigmented by melanin, which is the result of melanocytes. Darker skinned people have a greater abundance of melanin. Lighter skinned people have a lesser amount of melanin.

In addition to glutathione and cysteine, glutamate and glycine also form parts of glutathione. Only the liver produces significant amounts of glutathione. Naturally occurring glutathione is found in fruits, vegetables, and meats. In addition to its function as an antioxidant, glutathione is made in the liver as well as consumed through the diet.

Glutathione, in greater quantities as found in Gluta C 1000, is an enzyme inhibitor that inhibits tyrosinase. Melanin is produced by an enzyme known as tyrosinase. Therefore, glutathione in Vesco Pharma’s Gluta C 1000 reduces melanin pigment development, eliminates toxins that cause tyrosinase, and promotes the destruction of melanocytes by melano-cytotoxic agents. The injection of glutathione initiates the series of events detailed previously to lighten the skin by affecting melanocytes and melanin.

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is an essential nutrient in our diets. The effects of glutathione are maximized when skin cells are primed with vitamin C. Additionally, Vesco Pharma’s Gluta C 1000 naturally moisturizes the skin with Vitamin C essences.

What are the benefits of Glutathione injection by Vesco Pharma’s (Glutathione and Vitamin C).

· The antioxidant properties of Vesco Pharma’s Gluta C 1000 detoxify your body and eliminate free toxins and free radicals.

· As well as renewing nutrients, Gluta C 1000 enhances the wellness of the skin and the face.

· This product improves your skin’s radiance and dynamic glow, giving you a radiant glow.

· The pores are smaller in size, making them unrecognizable from a distance as well.

· The treatment reduces hyperpigmentation caused by dark spots, acne scars, and age spots.

· This product gives the skin a radiant glow and a soft, shiny, and elastic appearance.

· Acne, pimples, and blemishes are all treated with Glutathione injection by Vesco Pharma’s.

· In addition to protecting against pre-mature aging, Gluta C 1000 helps you look younger, healthier, and more balanced.

· UV radiation and environmental problems are shielded from the skin.

The glutathione injection by Vesco Pharma’s used for?

Glutathione injection by Vesco Pharma’s Gluta C 1000 is an excellent product.

Whitening of the skin

· Hyperpigmentation of the skin and uneven skin tones. Ex: Dark areas

· The presence of local discoloration and abnormalities, such as:

o Freckles

o Acne places

o Scars

How should it be administered and what is the recommended dosage?

Glutathione Injection by Vesco pharma recommended dosage is once or twice a Week.

· -Intra Venous (IV) drip

· -Intramuscularly (IM).

· According to the complexion as well as body weight, should last for 2 months to 18 months as directed by a physician.

Storage space for Glutathione injection by Vesco Pharma’s.

· Make sure the product is kept completely dry and in a stylish location.

· Avoid direct sunlight or heat.

· Kids should be kept away from.

Contraindicated in:

· Breastfeeding.

· Allergies to vitamins of any kind.

· Pregnancy.

· Risk of Cardiovascular disease.

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