The How and Why of Landscaping


While we all probably would love to have a beautiful patio or house entrance the fact is that for a lot of people the idea of landscaping can be a little bit overwhelming. And when you are first starting the idea of paving or redesigning a driveway can definitely sound scary. However, landscaping is not as complex as it sounds at first. And with some dedication and knowledge on your side, it can become a wonderful hobby that’ll result in beautiful new spaces in your home. The secret lies in understanding the basics and that’s exactly what we’ll be sharing with you today,


Landscaping generally refers to the act of redesigning a given space, be it through gardening, paving or building new structures. But when it comes to households it mostly refers to redesigning your backyard, entrance or other open spaces. Bringing new life to your house can be both fun and rewarding, and more importantly, once the work is done it’ll be really satisfying. But the first step to start your landscaping adventure is to have a clear design in mind; you definitely have to know what you are aiming for before you start.


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Keep in mind what the spaces are for and what is the use you need of them. For example, if you are redesigning your entrance function is something that comes first, and picking a fragile material for your driveway or keeping it cluttered would go against the point. In the entrance example paving for paths both for human and vehicle use would go first, and then the trees and plants alongside other decorative items. A patio is very different as the main purpose of one is to be welcoming and beautiful and as such the design of the spaces matter more than the function.


Since we brought up paving let’s deal with that first. Choosing what areas or paths you want to pave should be one of the first steps. In a patio paving can help separate the different areas, making a clear distinction between places that are meant for play and for rest. And in general, regardless of the space well-paved paths combined with green grass is a combination that is simply beautiful to look at. Once you have marked the area to pave you need to clear out all the grass and soil, and then add the paver base. You can find it on most DIY stores so it shouldn’t prove an issue. Once you finished pouring it’s important that you make sure to level it, as you want an even and clean finish. From that point on all you need is to add the paver stones, add the edges if you picked any and then wait. Of course, more complicated designs might require you to cut the stones or round them, but this covers the general basics, and with some planning can be done in a single weekend.

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Something else that you should consider is to take the seasons into account. Your new spaces will have to deal with the weather constantly, and if not planned accordingly can rain in your parade, quite literally. If you are expecting a wet season in the future make sure to pick plants that are largely okay in most weathers and permeable paving, so as to ensure that water can filter through safely. But at the end of the day all you need to do is to give it a try, it’s way easier and more fun than it seems at first glance.

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