Men together with women have been sucker for leather jackets since the beginning of time and for the ideas, the sky is limit. Nowadays the world has become so diverse that picking ideas and getting inspiration for clothes has also become a matter of seconds especially the vintage leather jackets are something most people don’t think without grabbing whilst the fact that the old designs never go out of fashion intact the quality and worth of such pieces. 

The fact of the matter is people are more prone to get something that is in trend whether it is a vintage leather jacket or funky leather apparel that is famous in the present time. Nevertheless, people also like to be innovative with their clothes, they like to have dresses that make them stand out among many now for that they pull off an item that is famous all over and everybody is getting it whereas sometimes a certain category of shoppers tend to buy stuff that is unique and hardly seen. As I said earlier, ideas and inspiration for clothing can be taken from very casual things around you however people are fond of TV shows, TikTok, and films more, speaking of films lately the Batman fans are on the pinnacle of getting batman related outfits. Whether it be the batman’s costume or the character Bruce Wayne’s tuxedoes people want it all but the most surprising demand I heard that is roaming in the market is of fans looking for Tom Hardy’s coat that he wore when playing the role of Bane. 

This came to me totally new since the negativity and the positivity of the characters affect the likings of the audience and the buyers finding Bane’s leather coat is even more staggering but here the reason is the coat itself, just to give you details I’ve noted the following things about it.

First things first, the coat is longer than usual lengths with an explicit large shirt style collar that is stitched thoroughly with faux fur shearling in off-white color on it that gives the jacket a warm aspect. Following that collar comes the front closure that has loop-style big buttons that open into a fur shearling-lined inside of the coat together with two pockets.

The other two welt pockets are on the chest while the remaining two are on the waist that is patched-style with flaps with a buttoned closure, needless to say, how much room this creates for the person carrying it. If I tell you about the back then it is a well-defined one with properly stitched double thread lines on both sides while the slit at the end adds the final touch. As far as the cuffs are concerned, strap detail with similar buttons is stitched to complete the look. On top of it all, the color of this Tom Hardy jacket is quite an attractive one. With brown base and black contrasting tints perfectly complimenting the villain in the Dark Knight Rises: Batman.


After looking at the enthusiasm in consumers and the trend, of course, I surfed to find the best site for my buyers and could not get any until I found this one place that sold all the things I need, the Distressed Jackets. It is an online store for selling jackets and costumes but the thing that I loved the most about them is they have a whole lot of variety on their shelves from vintage jackets to trendy blazers, from costumes to film-inspired coats this shop sells all of it. This came to me like a piece of good news since many of the online brands do not deal in a wide range of clothing articles and the ones that do sell it at a very high price making it approximately unreachable for the students or simply the mediocre. Whereas this store is a parallel universe for such, it sells most of its products at an economical price causing the buyer less money and less pain at the same time moreover the quality of this store remains unblemished which is again a shape of good news to many.

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