Things To Buy At Costco For A Better Bargain

We all know that Costco can be a great help to anyone who is on a budget. It’s a world of buying in bulk, and there’s almost everything you need in one store. But aside from the usual grocery shopping, they do carry some random items that I think are worth taking a look at. Here are items you probably didn’t know you could buy at Costco for cheaper.

Hot Tubs

In your daily life, whenever someone mentioned an inflatable hot tub Costco is not likely what you had in mind and you probably thought of a million other stores that specialize in pools, saunas, and spas. But Costco actually carried a variety of high-quality inflatable spas at competitive prices that are worth going through. 

A Mortgage

Yes, that wasn’t a typo you just read. Many people have successfully been able to refinance their home through Costco, and it has proven to be a useful tactic. Of course, their offer needs to be compared with other options you may have, but it doesn’t hurt to ask for a quote just to compare. It may well be the better deal for you. 

Holiday Packages

Did you know you could book a trip to Disneyland at a lower price if you buy it at Costco? They are well-known for their cruise packages and other holiday deals, so visit your local Costco before planning your next trip, you just might be able to fit a better trip within your budget!

Luxury Massage Chairs

They have a stylish selection of massage chairs that will add comfort to your living space without the expected ugliness. Getting a massage chair means you no longer need to spend your money on seedy massage parlors, and you can finally get that tension knot out of your shoulders. 

Greenhouses, and Other Backyard Fixtures

If you have a green thumb, Costco is a great option to buy your supplies. But did you know you could also upgrade your garden and get a stylish Victorian greenhouse, a gazebo, or even a backyard shed. We even once saw a chicken coop for sale! That’s a lot of variety for backyards that most people don’t realize Costco offers. 

A Grand Piano

Speaking of stylish upgrades, Costco also carries pianos – and we don’t mean the small electric ones, picture something Beethoven would play. They usually aren’t displayed in-store, so you may need to ask around to find one, or shop online. 

Steam Sauna

Who says you need a gym membership to get into a sauna? Costco sells 4-person steam saunas that you can have installed right in your yard, so you can never be too far from a relaxing steam session. 

Your Costco membership is good for more than just that infamous rotisserie chicken or bulk buying pantry items. If you take the time to look around, you can find many deals in your local Costco, and we wouldn’t be surprised if sometime in the future they start selling cars as well. It truly is a store with everything you need under one roof.

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