Time Management – Be Most Effective at Work by Managing Your Time


One of the most favorite things to talk about in the business world is time management. You will find a myriad of books, lectures, quotes, and ted talks by successful people worldwide about how time management is the single most crucial skill to develop to ensure success. Business magnate Warren Buffett classifies time as an investment.  

What Is Time Management?

For a worker, time management is the art of getting value from your time and using that value to improve the quality of your work. Time management means you balance your time between work and leisure effectively by getting things done when they need to be done. It’s when you choose to spend the 24 hours of a day in the most productive way possible.

Keep in mind that productivity does not mean getting the most significant number of tasks accomplished in a day. It simply means effectively completing enough tasks according to what your priorities are. People like Nathan Garries, who have excelled in building their careers knows how to use their time efficiently.

How Can You Manage Your Time at Work?

  • Keep Your Desk Organized

One of the biggest hurdles in the way to effective time management is a cluttered desk. When you spend 10 minutes looking for a stapler amongst the mess on your desk, you are wasting valuable minutes of your time that could have been spent doing something productive. Having an organized desk and knowing the exact locations of such items can help you accomplish tasks quicker and have more free time on your hands.

  • Alternate Your Lunch Timings

It is common practice for everyone in an organization to have lunch at a designated lunchtime. In the lunchroom or cafeteria, you will likely have to wait in long queues before getting a seat or your food. This time can be saved by having your lunch earlier or later in the afternoon. This way you can avoid waiting in a queue and wasting time.

  • Keep A Record of Who Interrupts and Why

When you are friends with the people you work with, it is highly likely that many of them will stop by your desk now and then on their way to the bathroom to have some chit-chat. These conversations can be exciting but cost you and the company time. Having an idea of who interrupts you the most during a workday might be helpful. You can communicate with the particular co-worker and work out a time and place to meet once a day instead of having several small meetups.

Professional financial planner, businessman, and coach Nathan Garries has years of experience learning and teaching time management. Take a look at his career and learn more about how effective time management can make you successful. It is important to note that time management does not only benefit you at the workplace, but it can also promote physical and mental well-being. “Wasting time is like wasting your life” is a motto to live by.

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