Tips by Apple Store in Cedar Falls on Battery Health of iPhone

The battery is a key component of any electrical device. The battery keeps the device on the go and gives power to various features. Over time, the battery of your iPhone starts to degrade, and then there is no turning back to 100 percent. An aging battery won’t last long on charge each day, but battery aging is a normal and unavoidable process. As soon as an individual starts using the iPhone, the battery health starts deteriorating. Apple Store In Cedar falls gives recommendations on optimizing battery health before coming to them for replacement. Let us have a look.

When does a battery need replacement from the Apple Store in Cedar Falls

According to cell phone repair stores, the iPhone’s battery needs replacement when it has a good charge but suddenly shuts down, which is not a good sign. Apart from that, the iPhone gets too hot to touch or works only when plugged in. This all screams for an appointment at the i Tech Guru for a battery change.

Tips on Battery Health Maintenance by Apple Store in Cedar Falls

It is always said prevention is better than cure. Hence, the Apple store in Cedar Falls will share a few tips to maintain your battery health 100%.

Do you know about the battery health feature?

In the settings of the iPhone, there is a battery health feature. It was first introduced in IOS 11.3. This feature informs the user about the overall health of the battery. It notifies the user if the phone can work hard when needed and if the battery is strong enough to give a peak performance while playing CPU-intensive games or shooting videos.

When and how should the iPhone be charged?

One should charge your iPhone well before it dies. It is not bad for the iPhone to charge overnight. If the battery of the iPhone is below 50%, it is recommended to charge at bedtime. At night it uses normal charging speed to reach 80% and then switches over to trickle charge to get up to 100%. After that, it runs on chargers’ electricity rather than lithium-ion batteries until removed. Overnight charging will hurt the battery if done at 80% or above.

The impact of heat on the batteries is extremely damaging

Keep the iPhone batteries away from heat. It is the number 1 enemy of lithium-ion batteries. The Apple store recommends using the iPhone in temperatures between 32F to 95F. Nothing below or above.

The impact of the protective case on the health of iPhone

If the iPhone gets extremely hot while charging, then remove the phone’s protective case. The case may be acting as a barrier. It slows the heat dissipation from the iPhone. The lithium-ion batteries need to breathe, and the case restricts their passage.

The quality of the charger is always in question!

One should always stay away from knock-off Chinese chargers. Many studies have shown that cheap chargers are bad for the iPhone. They wear and tear easily, damage the device and impact the overall health capacity of the iPhone. They have been proven to power surge the technological device that can lead to hardware damage and impact power capacity. Always buy your chargers from a trusted dealer like Cell Mechanics Oceanside.

Wireless chargers are not a permanent replacement.

Don’t replace wireless chargers with normal chargers because they send higher voltage to the batteries, which results in a rapid temperature rise, causing damage to the batteries in the long run.

The user can benefit from a long-term battery life span by following these points. If still, you need a battery replacement, you can always visit i Tech Guru, a smartphone repair store that deals in all kinds of Apple products and laptops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much battery health is good for an iPhone?

Ans: According to Apple, the optimum battery health for an iPhone is considered to be 80%. Apple is so conscious about its iPhone’s battery health that it considers a 1 -year warranty for any iPhone with an 85 % battery health.

Q: What is bad battery health for an iPhone?

Ans: 79% or less battery health of any iPhone shows that the smartphone has been scientifically degraded.

Q: How do I improve the battery health of my iPhone?

Ans: Following are a few ways that can help you improve the health of your iPhone

  • Keep an eye on the charge cycles. Avoid increasing the charge cycles.
  • Keeping your iPhone charged overnight is not a good idea.
  • The iPhone cases help. Invest in them.
  • The iPhone should be exposed to moderate temperatures. Extreme temperature changes should be avoided.
  • Original Apple chargers should be used only.
  • Don’t keep your iPhone hooked to the charger for long.
  • Try closing all the unused applications.

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