Tips for First Motorcycle Road Trip – Everything to Know

As the world is moving towards eco-friendly products, the use of the motorcycle is becoming the new normal. More and more people are now willing to ditch their four-wheeler for the sake of two-wheel adventure partners. The best thing about the purchase of a motorcycle is the vast range of categories and no matter what you choose to buy, it is still far less experience than a car. There are so many different motorcycles, each specific for the personality type, feature, function, utility, style, and use. Few people are no longer willing to invest in a four-wheel beast that you might have to park at the base of the mountain because there is no track for the vehicles. On the contrary, some lodges and restaurants are opening left and right. These restaurants and lodges have a central theme of a motorcycle. They allow the riders to not only enjoy adventure camping in a natural style. These lodges and cafes also provide riders the opportunity to mingle with new people and share their updated knowledge about the motorcycle industry. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast and you are continuously thinking about camping in the woods under a sky full of shiny stars. You are not alone. There are hundreds of riders who want to do the same and it seems that considering the ongoing lockdown around the globe due to COVID, everyone is finally mustering up the courage to leave.

Why Is It The Best Time For A Road Trip?

According to environmentalists, the air is clearing, water and environment are coming back to their original color. For travelers and adventure enthusiasts it is high time to start a new adventure. If you are a beginner who has never been on a motorcycle road trip before, this a good time to take the start. You will not only be able to enjoy it better because famous places are no longer crowded. You can enjoy every tourist destination exclusively. Where most people complain about overcrowded tourist attractions, bad service, and pollution, you will be able to enjoy the beauty in its true spirit. If you have joined a motorcycle group, chances are you already have had your first pre-trip meeting. However, for someone who wants to enjoy solitude, preparation and exercise are very personal experiences. With the help of this article, we will address both scenarios. No matter if you are going on your solo trip for the first time or you will be joining a group, we will help you prepare for an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Tour with the Group

Touring for the first time with the group is quite daunting. There is no doubt you will have people to talk to and ask for support but some groups expect you to know a few basics on your own as well. To help you with the basics, here are few things that you should keep in mind.

Be There On Time

Being punctual is the first thing that you should do if you are going to join the group. If you reach on time, you will be meeting everyone and this will help you to ask for tips and help when required.

Get To the Meeting

The meeting will save you from a lot of trouble. In most meetings, you will be able to ask questions about the route, things you should buy, and the riding formation as well. Within the meeting, most groups try to divide the riders for easy access. Another very important thing is the decision of stay and selection of the alternative route.

Get Your Tank Full

A full tank means you should have enough gas to help you reach at least your first stop. Although your group might have decided about the petrol pumps on the way. However, you need to make sure you are left behind just because of a lack of gas.

Know the Group Riding Formation

Riding formation means that you need to keep a gap between the riders riding ahead of you as well as right beside you. This will give you enough time to decide when to continue or when to stop if there is a hurdle on the road.

Don’t Panic If You Lose Someone

It is very common that due to a change of pace, some riders are left behind. However, the group always has a way to locate them so do not panic and just reach your next stop.

Don’t Over Take in a Group

Overtaking should be done only when you are alone. It is alright to leave the group formation while overtaking otherwise this may lead to a serious accident. No matter what kind of safety gear or motorcycle jacket you are wearing, if you are not being careful, this can become very dangerous.

Tour Alone

If you are touring alone, you should be more careful because you do not have anyone to rely on. There is no doubt that touring alone is far more enjoyable if you enjoy solitude. However, touring alone also means that you need to be more responsible.  

Pack Light

While packing for your trip, don’t go overboard. You can get something on your way as well. Make sure you only have essentials with you. For the essentials, you need a toolkit, first aid box, safety gears, some eatables, and your clothing. Packing light will help you feel more comfortable during your journey. On the contrary, if you pack too much stuff, you will be carrying a lot of luggage while riding your motorcycle.

Ask For Suggestions

Don’t be shy if you feel you need help. There are so many different forums where motorcyclists suggest routes and their favorite destination. You can easily join these groups on Facebook and other social media websites. Apart from this, you can read a few blogs and watch some videos. You will get a lot of help from these blogs.

Stop on the Way

We know that the first trip can be daunting especially if you want to reach your destination before sunset. However, this doesn’t mean you can neglect the needs of your body. While riding your motorcycle, listen to your body. If you are getting uncomfortable, make sure to take a rest. You can simply stop your bike somewhere and walk for a few minutes and drink water. This will only take a few minutes and you will instantly feel better.

Know Your Sitting Position

Your sitting posture will get uncomfortable at some point during the trip so you need to keep shifting. In most cases, riders who have never been on a long trip feel they will be alright without some extra help. However, it is better to get some extra support.  When it comes to seating, you need to be very wise while choosing your motorcycle. If a motorcycle is not meant for long road trips, try to avoid it. However, you can get your hands dirty and modify your motorcycle a little bit as well by changing your seat.

Weather Forecast Is Important

While you are on your way, you will see that weather can be very unpredictable. This is the reason you need to stay very vigilant. Make sure you have a full schedule of the weather forecast for the next one week at least. This will not only help you modify your motorcycle accordingly but also helps you pack according to the changing weather.

Earplugs Can Save Your Life

While you are riding, you will experience a lot of noise. Most people chose highways because they are smooth and because there are well-defined routes for motorcycle riders. However, on the hind side, you will experience a lot of traffic, which means a lot of noise. To avoid this, you need earplugs, most people like to enjoy music, which means they don’t use earplugs but instead, they use earbuds and hands-free. You can choose whatever you want but protecting your ears from all the extra noise should be your main responsibility.  

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