Tips to Turn Out a Best Mobile App Developer

Similar to other kinds of skills, having perfection in the art of mobile app development needs time, and more prominently, an eternal willingness to learn as well as experiment with the latest things. While the basics stay the same, you will need to constantly update yourselves with different programming languages and the latest technologies. In this article, I would like to guide you to become a successful person counted among the best Mobile App Developers India. Here, I am providing you with some significant points to consider to go ahead in the right direction. 

  1. Choose Code Vs Not Code

The distinction between coding mobile applications by yourself and relying upon no-code application builders can be viewed as the distinction between using the stairs or choosing the elevator. Even though no-code application builders can assist you to get your goal effortlessly and in a short period.

In case you think out of the box, beyond the traditional set of features, no-code application builders will not help you. For instance, if you are deciding to build an augmented reality application, the functionalities related to such an application are presently far from what no-code application builders provide.

If you think to prefer the hard way, that is to say, by learning how to code, you would just be restricted by your imagination (& the present technology stacks). You can build every element of the application from the scratch, the same the way you want it.

However, if you are in a rush to build a mobile application, then no-code application builders are the best choice. If you need to know more regarding application development and other builder tools for Mobile App Development, you can get our help. 

  1. Pick a Platform

One of the most crucial decisions you require to make to become a successful app developer is selecting the best platform for development. Undoubtedly, learning to code for various platforms is a breeze when you are familiar with the basics, but focusing on just one can assist you to get deeper and not turn out to be a jack of all trades as well as a master of none.

Since there are a lot of mobile operating systems, for example, Blackberry OS, Windows Phone, LineageOS, Symbian OS, and KaiOS, to name a few, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android constitute around 99% of the OS market share.

Hence, as per the present state of the industry, focusing on Android or iOS application development will be more advantageous, if we talk about opportunities.

In order to become an effective iOS developer, you should master or become familiar with,

  • Objective-C
  • Swift
  • Xcode
  • Grand Central Dispatch (GCD)
  • JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
  • Popular databases like Realm, Firebase, and MongoDB.
  • Swift Package Manager
  • Cocoapods

To turn into a successful Android developer you should know,

  • Kotlin
  • Java
  • Android SDK
  • Gradle
  • Android
  • XML
  • Popular databases like Parse, Firebase, SQLite
  • APIs
  • Material Design

3. Get a Mentor

Getting help from professional experienced developers & having somebody as a mentor will assist you not to do the similar mistakes they done in the past. There are a lot of online platforms where experts hang out, starting with Reddit, LinkedIn, Quora, etc.

If you have somebody particular on your observance, and whom you appreciate, send them an email informing them how much you appreciate their work. Following the work and progress of Mobile App Developers India will also assist you to find out how the industry is transforming with technological advancements.

4. Learn to Code

So, by now you got familiar with what you should learn to become one of the best Mobile App Developers India but you don’t’ know how to do that and how to start. Learning to code is a very important as well as time-consuming part of your trip to becoming a professional developer, and you can’t break yourself at any point. Rather, you need to quickly brush up on your coding expertise and stay updated with the changing trends.

You Should Have a Computer Science Degree

If you are proceeding out of high school & have a great passion for mobile app development, then taking a computer science degree would be the best idea. If you are making up your mind to get hired, getting a degree will be best in that case too.

But, unlike self-learning, a CS degree will need you to take classes on a broad variety of subjects, such as:

  • Finance
  • Mathematics
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Web & mobile application development
  • PHP
  • Algorithm analysis & design
  • DBMS
  • 3D graphics

The list can expand or contract, dependent on the university you select. Many universities all over the world provide Computer Science programs, and you are only a Google search away to locate the close one to you.

Do Self-learning with Developer Forums and YouTube

If you are very much passionate about mobile applications and desire to learn to build one with restricted resources, then educating yourself how to code from developer forums and YouTube is more than enough.

You can search on YouTube, look into online guidance for iOS and Android development, and also post your queries on Q&A websites such as Quora, Stack Overflow, and so on. If 

you have a passion for mobile app development, the Internet is an approachable place that can assist you get everything you want to learn free of cost.

5. Test and Sharpen Your Skills

Once you get into the process of learning to code, you will be able to pinpoint the skills you need to improve and the ones you are reasonably familiar with. Although doing certificate courses and attending boot camps are excellent means to expand your knowledge, there are two other ways you can experiment with what you learned and see for yourself the fruits of your labour.

Make an MVP

An MVP (minimum viable product) app has only the basic, yet important features. These applications take the slightest amount of time as well as resources to develop and are perfect for representing the concept of your application swiftly.

Being a potential developer, making an MVP will assist you to experiment with your expanded knowledge, and perhaps it can turn into a sudden sensation. After all, launching MVP applications is relatively simpler than a full-fledged one, & will assist you to sharpen your skills by straight applying them to a project plan.

Attend Hackathons

These are the competitions where you collaborate with many designers and developers, either at offline events or virtually. Hackathons are competitions in which many teams participate to build prototypes or improve already existing applications.

When you attend hackathons, you can straightforwardly evaluate how skilled you are in comparison with the other developers, get together with like-minded individuals, and most significantly, you will be getting vast amounts of exposure and industry knowledge.

Final Words 

In conclusion, becoming a professional mobile application developer is not a destination. Rather, it is an amazing journey that includes so much learning as well as career opportunities. Providentially, there are a lot of ways (including free and paid means) through which you can instantly start your mission of becoming a professional developer.

If you are in a hurry to develop an amazing app, you can get help from India App Developer, One of the best mobile app developers Indiaalways here to serve you with the best.

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