Top Reasons to Use Posters in the Classroom

We have all encountered colorful posters in the classroom, first as students and then as parents, and sometimes as teachers or school administrators. While posters have always brightened up the school environment and recognized student achievements, research reveals quite a few benefits of using posters in the classroom. A quick look:

Aids Visual Learning 

Posters are great for aiding the learning process. According to teachers, using posters enables children to visualize things better in the classroom that is beneficial to the learning process. According to cognitive science researchers, students benefit by visually processing information. According to the dual coding theory, verbal information is processed differently from visual information, which is an important aspect of cognition. While students learn faster with posters, there is no doubt they make learning more fun. According to Forbes, 65% of people are visual learners.

Motivates Children

The things they see and encounter greatly influences children. Posters in the classroom positively influence children’s education and personality. Displaying colorful with easy-to-understand motivational text and images can encourage their desire to learn inside and outside the classroom. The desire to learn can help children get through well during these particularly challenging times. Motivational posters in the classroom help in the formation of a strong base for successful learning by the child. They also assist in the development of healthy curiosity about everything around them. A custom poster elevates the children’s morale and promotes an encouraging, supportive, and positive atmosphere.

Continuous Learning 

It is common to see children losing focus, start staring out of the window, and lose themselves in their daydreams. Children’s educational progress can be hampered if they cannot concentrate in the classroom. The lack of focus makes it more difficult for them to understand and retain information. Colorful and eye-catching posters in the classroom can have a deep impact on children by reminding them about the different subjects they have studied. Even children who continually tend to lose concentration in the classroom are likely to benefit by looking around them. Many posters can inspire them in their creative endeavors, especially important in achieving success in subjects like art, literature, and even science.

Faster Learning

According to research on learning processes, around 65% of people need to see information visually to make it possible for them to retain it. Many children are unable to cope with teachers asking them to read masses of text or forcing them to listen to long lectures without any visual content to help them process the information and retain it. Because posters can present information in an eye-catching manner, they do not overwhelm the children and they retain information better.


It is proven beyond doubt that posters in the classroom are beneficial to children learning and retaining information more effectively. However, posters are very useful for teachers too. Teachers can use posters to make boring topics more interesting. They can use the posters in conjunction with verbal teaching to demonstrate concepts and put them into an easily-understandable context. Teachers can also use posters to encourage and enforce discipline, and recognize achievements by the students.

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