Top Reasons to Wear Customize Hat At Work


When was the last time you wore a hat? Not just for the beach or baseball diamond, the hat remains a workhorse staple in many Personalised Beanie Hats. From a simple cotton cap to scientifically designed hardhats, many companies have taken measures to include head protection in their uniform criteria. As we enter the hottest months of the year, we wanted to give you our top five reasons we love hats at SITEX!

They protect your head, hair, eyes, neck and truth from harmful UV sun rays. Even with appropriate SPF shield, prolonged exposure may result in painful, red, sun-burned skin. Furthermore, protecting your skin from sun damage is the first step in preventing skin cancer. For all those who job outside, a hat may be the easy solution.

Hats provide protection. Some businesses need more personal protective equipment than others. Even if not mandated by law, the protection of a hat which includes an interior or exterior protective helmet may give you greater peace of mind for the health and welfare of your employees. Injuries to the head and neck can be life threatening, so taking measures when designing your uniform policies to alleviate danger is a intelligent and conscious Personalised Gilet.

Hats enhance your visibility. Indoors and out, hats keep the glare out of your eyes, which can avoid eye strain and other distractions. Whether from the sun or overhead lighting, a hat with a front brim can help your employees keep their attention in manufacturing, automotive and building industries.

Hats are crucial in regulating temperature. Regardless of the season, keeping your body, and mind, at the perfect temperature will make you feel better during the day. By shielding your head, face, and throat, harsh sun rays and fall and winter chill will not have direct access to your skin. Since you won’t gain or lose too much heat through your head, it is a lot easier for your body to maintain a normal temperature.

Hats show off your brand. As we have outlined in our previous article about outfitting your company, your company uniform is a form of “walking billboard.” Hats are a great opportunity to display your logo and protect your workers, so keep the sun off your face this summer with a direct embroidered cap from SITEX. We offer great brands like New Era® and Nike® at great price points.

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