Types of Heavy Duty Rivet Shelves for Warehouse Storage


There are different types of storage units in the market. However, boltless shelving, popularly known as rivet shelving, stands out. These are perfect storage solutions for warehouses and other companies dealing with bulky items. Want to know more? Boltless shelves are highly in demand, thanks to their many uses. They feature a simple structure and design but are sturdy and very durable.

What are the different types of rivet storage shelves?

Rivet shelves are a common type of racking system in Malaysia. They are normally made of steel and come in two distinct types. These are single and double rivets.

  • Single rivets

Single rivet shelves are ideal for storing items that are not very heavy. The design features a single rivet that fits a slot in the uprights. It’s different from the double rivet shelve in that it uses a single river. In contrast, the double rivet shelve uses two rivets. 

Assembling is pretty easy for both units, and you don’t need bolts or nuts for the task. Single rivet shelves use the double rivet construction at the top and bottom of the unit to enhance rigidity. You’ll get single rivet shelves in various widths, and many have a maximum of 48 inches.

Single rivet shelves use thinner beams, making it easier to access items than double rivet units. Another benefit is that the design allows you to fit more shelves since the beams are lower profile.

  • Double rivets

Double Boltless Rack Shelving features two rivets that fit easily in the slots on the upright. They are ideal for more bulky items and can hold up to 2,000 pounds on the channel beam. With double rivet shelves, you have more choices when it comes to storage configurations. With these racks, you can have up to 8 ft width, but the larger sizes make it difficult to access stored items.

What accessories can I use to maximize the utility of my boltless shelves?

There are various accessories that you can use depending on the warehouse layout. These include; board decking, wire decking, and drawers. Board decking offers a stable platform for your shelves. It’s ideal for lighter loads, and you can laminate on either side. 

You can also use drawers; they allow you to store smaller items with ease. What of wire decking? This will help enhance the visibility of your items. It also allows for air circulation between stored goods, which preserves the shelf life of stored items.

A quick wrap up

Boltless shelves are common in warehouses and industrial settings. They are handy storage solutions and help stack various bulky items for easy access and efficient storage. You can get these shelves from leading steel manufacturers and enjoy better storage for your items. Also, boltless units come in varied sizes and shapes to fit all manner of goods in your warehouse.

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