Ultimate Motorcycle Camping Gear Checklist

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No riding experience is as good as loading up a two-wheeler and heading towards the woods for camping, getting closer to nature, sleeping under the trail of stars, and enjoying outdoor cooking. Motorcycle camping is more about enjoying the beauty of life. But it’s not the same as packing your four-wheeler and heading out. There’s not so much space for carrying a family tent, beer cooler, etc. 

A lot of people overload their bikes with unnecessary stuff & oversized gear such as thick sleeping bags, new out-fits for an everyday, heavy blow-up mattress, a nice clean outfit for every day & other stuff that they never use. You have to keep this in your mind, a motorbike doesn’t give you the luxury of space, you only get to carry the basics. Good preparation pays off well on your trip, it lets you enjoy the luxury of necessary tools that you essentially require for having a great time on your camping trip. In this article, we will cover the ultimate checklist of camping gear that you need on your motorbike trip. 

The primary thing you need for packing your stuff is a high-quality and durable backpack. A backpack provides you with an efficient space for packing your essentials. If you don’t have one, make sure you get one. 

Sleeping Essentials 

Your sleeping will probably be the bulkiest ones in your motorbike luggage. Aim to get low-volume & lightweight kits that have fine compressing abilities and get as small as possible. Following are 3 essentials for minimalist packers 

1. Tent

The tent is a portable shelter. It’s like your tiny cozy house in the middle of the woods. A good quality tent keeps you dry & protects you from all kinds of pesky insects & creepy woodland creatures. There are few factors that you must consider while selecting a tent. Is it just you who will be using the tent? Do you want enough space for sitting or standing in the tent? If you want more space consider buying a 2 person tent, for your use. It has plenty of room inside. Most of them weigh around 5 pounds & packs down to compact lengths of a few inches that fit nicely in your motorbike luggage. Setting up these tents is easy, you can get them done with them in a couple of minutes.

2. Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag is the next essential that will help in keeping you warm & comfortable during the night. People usually prefer two kinds of sleeping bags, a mummy bag & a rectangular bag. A mummy bag is designed for keeping the body’s heat contained, it keeps you perfectly warm and isolated in cold months. You don’t need to keep on the bulk of clothing while sleeping. The downside of this bag is it doesn’t give you plenty of space for spreading out.

Rectangular sleeping bags are roomier and breathable mostly made up of nylon materials with synthetic fillings. They do not pack as compact as mummy bags because of width but an excellent choice that won’t take much room on the bike. 

3. Roll mat

Now that you are equipped with a tent & sleeping bag, you’re not probably looking to sleep straight on the hard ground. So, the next item on your list should be a roll mat or air mattress. Different people have different sleeping styles, Choose one that suits you perfectly well. If you are a side sleeper, get yourself a pad that supports your pressure points i.e your hips & shoulders. A thick, and firm pad will work better. The size of your pad should also be appropriate. Make sure it’s long & wide enough that no part of your body is left hanging off the edge. 

Sleeping non-essentials include pillows, foil blankets, neck scarf, and jag bag. You can pack any of them if you find them necessary but keep in mind that you have limited space. 

Cooking Essentials 

The choice of your cooking equipment depends on how you are going to camp. The duration of your trip, the type of food you are going to cook. Following are the essentials for road chefs. 

1. Stove

Carry a compact stove that heats things super fast. Avoid the stove that runs on gas. Stoves that use petrol are developed especially for mountaineering, they are very easy to maintain and control. 

2. Mess Kit

A mess kit/ cooking kit has a couple of goodies. At a minimum, they include a pot frying pan & utensils to cook & eat with. Some of them also have drinking cups & plates or bowls. You can get a fancier or simple one depending upon your preference. 

3. Cutlery

Durable & tough plastic cutlery will be a better choice on your motorbike camping trip. Metal cutlery is also fine but it weighs more & scratches non-stick when used for stirring. 

Cooking non-essentials include foldable washbowl, mini chopping board, knife, and hand sanitizers. 

For Comfort: 

Comfort might be counted as non-essential. But they make your camping experience easier and enjoyable. On your short camping trip, you might not need them. As motorcycles don’t have the luxury of space so you must balance what you need vs what you want.

1. Tarpaulin Sheet

A tarpaulin sheet is a versatile item when it comes to motorcycle camping. It can be used for additional shelter for sitting and cooking, especially if it’s raining. You can also use them as ground mats, sheets, or as a motorbike cover.  

2. Camping Chairs

Many campgrounds have picnic tables that can be used for sitting around. Having chairs to sit by your campfire is a luxury too. Camping chairs are portable, and compact chairs, that are easily available in the market. They are heavy and neither takes a lot of space. 

3. Hydration System

Hydration symptoms are essential for long motorbike trips. It is not only convenient for rides but serves well at the camp too. You can remove the bladder from your backpack & hang it on some tree branch. It will function well as a faucet.


Everyone has their preferences for extras. Following are some options that you might find worth carrying. 

1. Dry Bags

Wet gear can be a big problem, and is genuinely dangerous, for instance running out of dry and neat clothes. This is why dry bags are important. You can stash the gear inside them and rain or will be able to affect them. These are light & rugged bags that are extremely useful. 

2. Fire Starting Kit

Firing kits can be very useful especially for beginners. It’s very helpful and makes the firing process very easy. There are many fire kits available that light up the fire even under wet conditions. 

3. Water Filtration System

If you are camping at the established campsite you won’t be needing it much. But backcountry campers must pack it with them. Iodine tablets are the compact classic but affect the taste. A good compact filtration system will make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable. 

4. Multi-Tool

Multi-tool is another helpful and versatile equipment for outdoor enthusiasts. Choosing the type and model is a matter of your personal preference. Every multitool kit has some basic tools that include a small knife, bottle opener, tweezers, pliers, scissors & screwdriver bits.

5. Bug Spray & Sunscreen

Bug bites & sunburn: two easiest ways of ruining your camping fun, you must protect yourself against them. Choosing a bug repellent is your personal preference but many natural solutions help with that. Dermatologists recommend applying sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 for protection against harmful rays. 


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