The world becomes more prominent and better with the help of an enlarging species called the internet. People started educating, enriching and nourishing themselves with it but on the other side of the moon, there is an enormous community of people constantly put down by online harassment. For learning, it is important; privacy and protection are equally important. Cyber safety has become modern day’s prime education to be taught in schools.

What is cyber safety: 

Cyber Safety is the practice of handling the various online content sources and dealing with the social media sites in the right way. Providing cyber safety for students helps them to identify the intertwined do and don’t in the intern. It helps educate them to be a precaution to the online traps and harms. 

Why cyber safety is important

As people begin to consume the internet regularly, but no one teaches them how to use it effectively and protectively. According to the latest survey of 10 young people, 7 have been affected by cyberbullying before turning 18. 

Throwing mean comments at others on the internet is the primary form of online harassment. And sharing screenshots and photos to make fun of others is also a significant way of online harassment. Moreover, this list continues.

All these are the opposing sides of the digital world. People often even speak about it. However, all the people are being harassed in any other way. Therefore, it is high time for people to know about cyber safety and the insight of handling social media sites.

Cyber safety education in school

Schools are the prominent place where a student can tune his character and behaviour in the right way. They teach “n” several wanted and unwanted lessons, but according to today’s age, one of the significant lessons to be taught is cyber safety.

Students must be taught about 

  • How to use the online content effectively for their use. 
  • How to handle online negativity. 
  • How to keep their password and online resources safely. 
  • How to be a responsible internet citizen. 
  • How to find what to do and what not to do on the internet. 

Other ways to provide cyber safety

Giving a separate counselling helpline for online bullying and harassment helps people get basic insights about handling that. The counsellor should discuss various topics in online harassment like online games, privacy, protection, and handling online negativity.

Parents are the key

Parents must have their eyes on their children for cyber safety, especially on their young children. Children can easily be scammed by strangers on the internet. So keeping hold of their children’s passwords, keeping an eye on their online activity, measuring their agreeable time on the internet helps them keep their children in safer hands.

Precautions, which should be taken

  • Provide a strong password. A strong password should have at least 8 characters with numbers and symbols. It shouldn’t have any connection to your personal life. 
  • Delete your unused social media account. We must all have a new Facebook or snap chat account, which stays ideal for a long time, had so better delete those unused accounts. 
  • Update your device. Most of today’s phones come with utmost safety; updating them helps the machine stay away from a threat.


Ignoring online is nearly impossible, so it’s better to embrace its positivity. Getting mastery of handling online negativity will help our progress on the internet. With the knowledge of cyber safety, we can achieve enlightenment and enrichment.

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