UPS Truck

UPS means United Parcel Service stylized as ups, an American supply chain management & packages delivery company. For delivering packages and documents, the company uses a special type of truck called ups truck.

We have some interesting facts about ups truck & how to do ups tracking.

Intereseting facts about UPS trucks:

1. Appearance of UPS truck.

These delivery trucks are brown in color. They are brown as one of the founders of the company pointed that brown trucks wouldn’t show dirt as badly. And so “Brown” was born. It has a very nice shape and a soft floor van. The ups truck has a logo of ups written in the back, right and left side.

2. UPS trucks always have their door open.

Ever noticed how ups drivers always speed around in trucks without any front doors on? Well, this unusual practice is completely legal in the US. This practice comes down to saving precious time and money. You might probably know that an ups truck employee makes about 130 stops a day. That’s a lot of time spent in opening and closing the door especially when stops are just minutes away from each other. Since time is money, so it makes financial sense to make the doors open.

3. UPS trucks not fitted with AC.

Going in and out of the truck multiple times, wouldn’t make for a very efficient flow of cold air. So, these truck drivers always rely on the breeze blowing through their doorless vehicles to get some much-needed respite from the scorching summer heat.

4. A UPS truck don’t turn left.

Generally speaking, you’d be hard-pressed to find a UPS truck making a left-hand turn at a busy intersection. And it’s all about that cold hard cash. When UPS decided to focus on greener driving they fitted trucks with special sensors and did some data mining to discover that too many drivers were idling while waiting to make a left turn. From 2004 onwards management instructed drivers to turn right instead of by reworking pre-planned routes to minimize the number of necessary left turns.UPS saw an immediate positive response to this new clockwise system, which amounted to some 350,000more packages delivered annually. Around 10 million gallons less gas burned. And $35 million saved.

UPS tracking : How to track the package:

To track your ups shipment, we are going to show you four simple ways to track. You can apply any shipping method out there. At the end of the day what you really want to know is when is it due to arrive or where is my shipment. sometimes the shipment goes missing and you need to track it down other times you just want to know when it’s gonna arrive. So, here are four different ways.

1. Just Google your ups tracking no.

The most simple way is if you have your tracking numbers handy you can simply just google your tracking number and hit enter and your tracking information will show up. It’s a click away. It’ll take you right to the UPS website and it will tell you the status of your shipment whether it is just shipped, in transit, or delivered to you. You can look into delivery details and can see the progress of this shipment. Also, you can have it to send updates to your phone. So, super simple way to Google your tracking number, click the link and it will pop up the results.

2. Using ups application

The next way is straight-through ups. You have to put the UPS app in your phone and on that UPS app, you can always go to the tracking setting. Put your ups tracking no. right into the enter my tracking number and it tracks the same exact information is going to show up.

3. Just text yourself the ups tracking no.

The third way is if you want to look at your tracking information. Text yourself the tracking numbers, and what will happen is through your text app on Apple. You like the text again this is another way to do it. You text them after you’re done you’re shipping plan when you click that number a pop-up comes says track shipment. Click that takes you straight to UPS so that number almost acts like a phone number that tells you when that shipment is going to arrive: at what day it is arriving or sometimes at the end of the day.

So, may using these simple methods, you can easily track your ups shipment.

Now, you got to know the interesting facts of ups truck. So, next time you may get thrilled when you see them on road delivering packages. Also, now you know how to do ups tracking. So, next time when you send or about to receive your shipment, use one of these three simple methods to track shipment.

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