” Used to “

We can use “used to” to talk about a habit or state. Let us understand this whole concept in different sections along with examples.

Section 1 : Stucture : Sub + helping verb + “get used to” + object/V1+ing

This form is used where there is a sense of changing in state of person’s habit(say a person did not have a particular habit earlier but he is developing it now). We have got to take care of one thing that “get” should be modified according to the sense of the tense.(Eg. getting in continous tenses and have/had + got in perfect tenses.

Examples : 1. I got used to gym.(Past simple)

2. I have got used to working more diligently.(Present perfect)

3. I am getting used to working day & night.(Present continous)

4. I will get used to going for gym.(Future simple)

5. Whenever i work with her, i get used to her in sorting out of every problem.(Present simple)

6. You are getting used to this mobile very badly.

7. It is a good thing that you have got used to wake up early in the morning.

8. I felt very bad when you got used to smoking. Its is good that you left it now.

9. You will be getting used to going to gym if you keep on going gym for 21 days without any leave.(Future continous)

10. If you live in USA, you will get used to speaking english.

Section 2. Stucture : Subject + is/am/are + “used to” +object/v1+ing

This form is used wherein we wanna say that a person has a particular habit in the present situation. This form does not indicate about the habit whether it is related to past or future. Here we go some examples :

Examples :

  1. I am used to talking with her.
  2. I am used to my computer.
  3. You are not used to going gym.
  4. I am used to writing articles on my website.
  5. We are used to going on walk.
  6. You are used to him.
  7. We are not used to working with him as he is very arrogant.
  8. We are used to Mr. Viney as he is such a nice man in helping others.
  9. Are you not used to seeking help from others in complex matters?
  10. Are you used to going temple every Tuesday?

Section 3. Stucture : Subject + used to + v1 + object

This form is used where we talk about habit in past. (we do not use “get” here as get is used where the state is changing but in this case we speak about a ongoing habit). We need to be sure that we are not allowed to use “ing” even if we are talking about an action in the past.

Examples : 1. I used to live in Germany in my childhood.

2. I used to have a bike at my 22.

3. I used to play football in adolescent.

4. I used to go on walk or I used to walk when i was in college.

5. I used to dance whenever relatives would come to our house.

6. I did not use to play cricket when i was at 10.

7. Did you use to drink when you were in college.

8. Did you use to do study when you were in school.

9. I did not use to go to school and that is why i used to get poor marks in exams.

10. Did you use to bunk classes when you were studying in college.

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