Uses of “Rather”

Rule 1. We use rather where we sometimes correct ourselves or being more precised about the thing that we just said. Lets have a look on some examples here :

Examples :

  1. I want to buy a TV, rather a Samsung TV.
  2. I want to go on a trip, rather a trip of Manali.
  3. I would like to go for sports, rather for cricket.

Rule 2. This rule says that we use rather where the sense of unexpectation is there(happening of something in contrary to our thoughts). Lets have some examples now :

Examples :

  1. I will rather go for a walk. (suppose somebody is asking you for a movie but you have already made your mind to go for walk. In this case you can say like that.)
  2. By then i will have left for Manali. (suppose your friend is asking you to go on a movie at 10.00 am, then you can say like that.)
  3. I will rather go there.(somebody is restricting you to go on some place but you denied that, then you can say like that.)
  4. I rather had a very good last weeked. I really enjoyed.
  5. I rather go for gym.

Rule 3. Structure : Rather than + v4/object :- According to this rule, where the sense of Choice is there between two things, we go with this rule. Here we go for some examples :

Examples :

  1. I will learn German language, rather than learning French as french is being taken by many students.
  2. I will go Delhi for job, rather than going to Pune.
  3. He studies rather than playing with useless fellows.
  4. I would like to eat burger, rather than pizza.( I would rather have pizza)
  5. I would go for gym, rather than being with you.
  6. I am gonna take tea, rather than coffee.

Rule 4. Stucture : Would rather have + v3 :- We use this structure where the sense of regret is come and speaker wants to say that other thing should have happened in place of the thing that actually happened.

Examples :

  1. I would rather have become a Dr. than an Er.
  2. She would rather have gone to Manali.
  3. You would rather have come to my office than to my house.
  4. Party would rather have happened at some other place.
  5. You would rather have given interview for the managerial post.

Rule 5. As per this rule we use would rather where we have two different subjects and the speaker(1st subject) shows her/his preference for the other subject.

Type 1. For present and future sentences :- In the non rather close we use V2 despite of the sentence in present or future. Lets have some examples on that ::

Examples :

  1. I would rather you visited Mumbai. (Let say someone asking for preference whether to go delhi or mumbai and i prefer him to visit Mumbai.)
  2. I would rather you had a soft drink. (Let say someone asking for whether he go for soft or hard dring and i prefer to go for soft drink.
  3. I would rather you did not come there at 8.00pm as he would be working at that time.

Type 2. For past sentences : In the non rather close we use had + V3. Lets have some examples on that ::

Examples :

  1. I would rather you had come with me there.(say your friend went to somewhere and enjoyed a lot and after coming from there says that it might be more fun it you were with me there.)
  2. I would rather you had not go for travelling. (suppose you already went somewhere but you did not enjoy there, then you can say in this way.)
  3. I would rather you had not given her phone.(suppose you gifted a phone to your friend but he had already two phones and you should have gone for some other gift.
  4. I would rather you had not talked to her.
  5. I would rather you had gone for gym.
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