Ways you can optimize your performance at the gym

After spending so much time at home because of the pandemic somehow, we have become accustomed to working out in the comfort of our homes. For some of us returning back to our routine it might seem a little difficult getting used to an entire routine that includes making time out for the gym. Believe it or not now heading to the gym right after work might seem a little difficult and not so easy, and in the beginning it might also seem like a challenge to gather your energy and indulge in a serious workout session.

However don’t worry because this article is dedicated solely to those who are still willing to make the most out of their gym experience and are striving to get back in shape and be well prepared for the summers! No matter how difficult it may seem, we are sure you can optimize your performance at the gym in just a matter of days! 

Here are some of our tricks and hacks that will help you thrive and organize your time at the gym:


  1. Sleep well

Sleep is an extremely important part of your gym routine, plenty of sleep will mean giving plenty of time to your body to relax, recover and recharge. It is advised to get at least 8 hours of peaceful sleep because you will be able to relax your mind. A sufficient night of sleep has proven to make you feel more productive and motivated to work your best. If you want to juggle your work, studies, chores and a fitness lifestyle then it is necessary to improve your sleeping pattern. 

If your body is not well rested then your muscles will not perform at its optimum level and you may lag behind your exercises and workouts. 


2. Hire a trainer

Although it might prove to be a little expensive, hiring a trainer at the gym will really allow you to organize and perfect your form at the gym. The trainer will help you get back in the fitness game by starting you out slowly, understanding what your body requires and of course most importantly by motivating you. A trainer will also be able to keep a close eye on your technique and if you have lost your form, the trainer will help you get it back gradually without pressurizing your muscles too much. 

Trainers in general are great when it comes to minimizing chances of injury and focusing on a warm up and then ending the workout with stretching. 


3. Ask a friend to join you at the gym

Having a buddy at the gym will help you to relate to people who are struggling the same way you are, and this will really help you stay motivated and dedicated to the gym. What’s more a gym buddy will also make your gym experiences fun and more doable so you will want to go to the gym even if you’re too tired to do so after work! 


4. Organize your working out schedule

One of the best pieces of advice that we can give to optimize your gym performance is to divide the days of the week to certain body parts and just focus on them. This way if on Monday’s you’re working on your legs and then so on you will be able to focus on just that and get the optimum results! We are not against full body workouts but let’s agree that they can prove to be a lot more tiring as opposed to if you breakdown your workout routine. 


5. Pack your gym bag efficiently 

Gym bags will definitely be your best friend as you try to get back on track with the gym life. We suggest packing all your essentials the night before because this will motivate you and get you excited for the gym day next day because you’ll know you are well prepared. Feel excited about keeping a fresh pair of socks and clean active wear because this will psychologically stimulate the feeling of being well prepared for the next day. 


6. Keep hydrated 

Don’t forget to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water because this will allow you to feel fresh and energized for any kind of a hectic or hardcore workout! Drinking less water will drain you out very quickly and also make your muscles stiff and less flexible. If you want to sweat at the gym then make sure you are well replenished! 


7. Be sure to take all your vitamins

Vitamins will provide you with the energy and supplement necessary to recover your muscles and to perform well at the gym. Make a habit of taking daily vitamins because they will also help boost your immune system and also make you feel healthier and more happy! 

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