“were+would”in the “If Clause/Conditional”

In this article we are goona see, how we can use “were+would” in english speaking. So, keep reading this article and by the end of this article you would not have any confusion on this topic. So, lets kick off :-

Rule 1 : Whenever someone wishes that if he/she in the place of another person in past then what he/she would have done at that time. It is a hypothetical situation and no existence with reality.

Rule 2 : We always use “were” regardless of the subject of the sentence.

Rule 3 : Make sure to use “were” in the if clause part and the “would” in the conditional part of the sentence


  1. If he were at my place, he would understand me. (Here, in this example we see that subject wishes to be another person in his place so that he could understand him.)
  2. Incorrect :If he was not my friend, i would get him killed. Correct : If he were not my friend, i would get him killed.
  3. If i were a lion, i would roar.
  4. If i were you, i would not do that.
  5. What would you do if you were a king?

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