What are causative verbs: Make, Get, Let, Have, and how to use them in English grammar

How to use causative verbs : Make, Get, Have, Let in english grammar and understand them through examples.

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What are causative verbs: When we don’t do any particular work ourselves rather appoint a person for that work, in that case, we use causative verbs. Let’s see how we use causative verbs: Make, Get, Let, Have in sentences. Here we go::

What is the format :-

Subject + Causative verb + Person(who is appointed) + verb + object

First Causative verb : Make

We use make as a causative verb in the sentences where the work is done by another person (appointed person) unwillingly or say the subject(who appoints the person) forcefully gets the work done. Let’s take a look at some examples based on that.

Examples : 1. I made rahul go market to take some vegetables.

2. We made arun sing a song for us.

3. I will make you laugh/cry.

4. I will make you wash this cloth.

5. He made me angry when he abused me.

6. You are making me write your homwork of school.

7. They are making me agree to go on a trip with them.

Note: We can always use get to in place of make in the sentences without any change in the meaning of the sentence. Also, We must take care that to is always used just before the first form in the sentence. eg example# 4 can be written as I will get you to wash this cloth.

Second Causative verb : Get

Get is always used where there is a sense of convincing another person to do some work. There should be no sense of forcing that person otherwise it would come under the category of make. Now let’s see some examples based on get. We always use to with get.

Examples 1. I got vivek to go back to the classroom.

2. I get rahul to remain with me in any diffcult situation.

3. You are getting me to do your work.

4. I will get representative to transfer my call to her supervisor.

5. I will get a machinist to operate my machine for checking its accuracy.

6. I got vivek to check if i was working correctly or not.

7. I am getting rahul to write a letter for me.

Third Causative verb : Have

This causative verb is similar to get but it is used in a more polite way and mostly it is used professionally. You don’t force or convince the person but you just assign the person for your work. Let’s have some examples:

Examples : 1. I will have a barber cut my hair.

2. I will have teacher clear my doubts of this difficult chapter.

3. Manager had his co worker present a presention in front of him.

4. The captain has his best player play at first position.

5. Please have someone call me from your company.

6. I had a mechanic fix my washing machine.

7. I am having rahul go with my manager for a onsite trip.

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Fourth Causative verb : Let

Let is used where you are allowed to do something or allow someone to do something. Let’s have some examples based on that.

Examples : 1. He lets me take a look at mess.

2. He lets me come in his home.

3. He let me take his bike yesterday.

4. You kindly let me go to home now as its been too late now.

5. I will let you go once you finished your work.

6. I am letting you know the consequences of this act.

7. I will let you ride my bike once we are on a smooth road.

Now, we will see how to use get/have in passive form.

Format : Subject + get/have + Object(on which the work is being done) + v3 + by person.

Let’s have some examples based on this. :

Examples : 1. I got my hair cut by barber.

2. I had my shoes washed by my servant.

3. I will get this work done by rahul.

4. I am getting my mobile repaired by a mechanic.

5. I am getting a letter written by her.

6. I got my work done by my co worker.

7. I will get it done by rahul only for you.

8. He will have his bike repaired tomorrow.

9. I will get my webite designed by a web designer.

10. I am getting my clothes stitched.


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