What Is About Blank Page

Internal parameters are processed in the tiny “About” portion of the Universal Resource Identifier (URI), used by all browsers. The About: protocol can be used to execute multiple internal instructions, and the browser will display what you want.

Internal links and URLs for debugging are displayed in the URL address bar by typing about about.

If you try to visit about: blank in a browser, it displays an empty page from the browser, not the internet.

What causes the About Blank Page?

There are many reasons for the about blank page. It could be caused by malware, an add-on or extension that went haywire, corrupted files within the browser, or a problem with your computer’s DNS cache.

Some of the possible reasons for About Blank Page are as follows:

The Internet connection is not stable

  • Trying to open the URLs in a new tab by manually using the option ‘open in new tab’.
  • Bugs in the browsers and code while trying to open a website for any URL
  • While the uploading is in process, disruption is caused due to quick button clicking.
  • Using multiple extensions while working on a browser.
  • Page Cache gets corrupted.

Does the About Blank page indicates any Malware or Virus?

Most of us conclude that About Blank pages are viruses and malware, but this isn’t accurate. About Blank webpages aren’t viruses; they’re just empty pages that originated from your browser. Because About Blank webpages aren’t distributed from an external source (virus or malware), they aren’t dangerous to your computer.

However, if your browser cannot process the requested URL and results in an About blank page, it may be due to some malware or virus attack.

How to Fix the About Blank Page?

The following are some methods that can help you fix the About Blank as follows:

Resetting the chrome default settings

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