What is Aircrack-ng | How to hack WiFi using Aircrack-ng

This blog will show you all about Aircrack-ng. We will see what is Aircrack-ng, what is pre-shared key, what is packet sniffing, how to use it to hack Wi-Fi, and how it actually works. I will also refer to a video link where you can also see everything practically. So, let’s get started

What is a pre-shared key?

A pre-shared key is a piece of string that authenticate users already have to connect with Wi-Fi in simple words it is just a password of Wi-Fi.

What is packet sniffing?

Whenever a hacker wants to capture packets from your network like a middle man this process is known as packet sniffing. It is also popular as eavesdropping.

What is Aircrack-ng?

Aircrack-ng is a pen-testing tool that is used by networkers and ethical hackers to evaluate the security of wireless networks. Aircrack-ng is capable to monitor, attacking, testing, and cracking Wi-Fi security.

Features of Aircrack-ng

  1. It is use to monitor wireless network traffic
  2. It is use to attack and crack Wi-Fi networks and passwords respectively.
  3. It is used for wireless network testing
  4. Aircack-ng is a full suite that consists different utilities inside like airodum-ng, airplay-ng and aircrack-ng.
  5. It is open-source and anyone can use it. It comes pre-installed on security-based Linux like Kali, Parrot, Gaduda, Black Arch etc.

How to download and install Aircrack-ng?

You can easily download Aircrack-ng because it’s free and open-source. But I will suggest you use security types of Linux like Kali Linux, Parrot OS, etc.

If you are using a different Linux system then you can download it by running the below command

sudo apt install aircrack-ng

Note: We’re only teaching you for educational purposes and to broaden your horizons. Because we know that both ethical and non-ethical hackers use these tools, we will not be held liable for any unlawful/false actions you engage in

The understanding flow of Wi-fi hacking

The below picture will help you to understand each step flow-wise.

  1. First, we will configure our NIC card (NIC is a hardware device that is responsible to use Wi-Fi from your system
  2. Now we will try to gather all information of available nearby or targeted Wi-Fi such as MAC address, BSSID etc.
  3. On third step we will de-authenticate the connected host with targeted Wi-Fi (The main goal is to disconnect user from target Wi-Fi so that whenever it connect again we will capture the exchange packet and then crack the password from the captured packet by using brute-forcing)
  4. Now we will capture the packet that will be exchanged during reconnection
  5. At last, we will decrypt the packet by using popular brute-force technique

How to use Aircrack-ng to hack Wi-fi?

I know most of you are just curious to know how to hack or crack Wi-Fi and you may only click for this part so I will not take more time and take you directly to that part.

I have made a full detailed blog where I have explained each and every step with a screenshot and also on that blog there is a practical video. If you want to learn the procedure you can click on How to use Aircrack-ng | Aircrack-ng tutorial [Practical demonstration]

What is a 3-Way handshake?

The three-way handshake is used in TCP/IP networks. It is a process to exchange packets to establish a successful connection between client and server. In this process TCP exchange 4 packets that are described below

SYN: This is the first packet that exchanged between server and client to start establishing a connection request

ACK: This is the second packet that acknowledges that the client receives the SYN packet

SYN-ACK: This is both exchanged packet SYN of now and ACK of earlier

FIN: This packet sends at the end when network termination is required


I hope you understand a glance of Aircarck-ng. Now you can easily understand what is Aircrack-ng, how to use it for W-Fi hacking, what are basics terms like pre-shared keys, packet-sniffing, and what is the actual workflow of the procedure of Wi-Fi hacking. However, I have also shared a detailed blog with practical videos if you are still not satisfied with this blog.

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