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What to Do When Rockspace WiFi Extender Keeps Restarting?

Are you tired of constant restarts of your Rockspace range extender? Sometimes, you need to restart your extender properly in order to fix the Rockspace WiFi extender keeps restarting issue. If you’ve nodded in yes, then we recommend you try your luck with the implementation of the hacks highlighted here. Before that, we suggest you give some rest to the extender. And it can be done with a restart. Yes, you read it right! Diamond cuts diamond.

To restart your Rockspace wireless device, pay attention to the following instructions:

  • Disconnect the range extender from the main gateway [router].
  • After that, locate the Power button and push it.
  • Pull the extender out of the wall outlet.
  • Wait for a decent amount of time.
  • Plug your extender back into the power outlet.
  • Create the extender-router connection again.

If your Rockspace extender still keeps restarting, then a few other hacks can be implemented to resolve the problem. FYI, some of them will require you to access http//re.rockspace.local.

[Resolved] Rockspace WiFi Extender Keeps Restarting

Check Power Socket

If rebooting the extender fails to work in your favor, consider having a good look at the power socket that has been given the responsibility to fulfill the electricity requirements of the extender.

Is it well working? No? Well, then it is an indication that you unplug your extender from this socket and connect it to another one. However, this time do not commit the mistake of putting a damaged socket to use.

Do Not Let the Rockspace WiFi Extender Overheat

There is a chance that your Rockspace WiFi extender keeps restarting due to overheating. It seems that you’ve placed it in direct sunlight or near a heat source. Well, this is what experts don’t recommend.

Therefore, consider relocating your range extender and placing it in a well-ventilated room. It would be better if the chosen space lies in the central area of your house. Aside from this, do not place the extender near radiowave emitting devices, reflexive surfaces, and objects that contain a lot of water.

Cut Off Additional Devices

Another reason why you are experiencing constant restarts of your range extender is that more than designated devices are accessing its network. Know that the extender overworks in this case. Additionally, its efficiency is also gets affected due to this.

To patch things up, consider reducing the number of devices accessing your range extender wirelessly. Moreover, try to use wired connections wherever possible. Especially for connecting your range extender and the main router. However, never put a damaged cable to use. Keep your WiFi extender off when no device is accessing its network.

Update the Firmware for Rockspace WiFi Extender

Updating the firmware can also help you fix the Rockspace WiFi extender keeps restarting issue. Keep in mind that the firmware of the extender is its governing body that controls every hardware and software activity performed by the extender. Therefore, access re.rockspace.local, reach the Rockspace WiFi range extender setup wizard, and update the extender’s firmware.

While upgrading your range extender, keep in mind not to interrupt the process as it might corrupt the firmware and your extender’s performance will degrade instead of pulling you out of the mess. Furthermore, avoid downloading the wrong firmware file for the extender. Always upload the firmware file as per the model number of the range extender. And yes, let your extender restart as the completion of the firmware update process.

The Final Thoughts

With that, we are wrapping up the post focusing “how to fix the Rockspace WiFi extender keeps restarting” issue. We are very hopeful that the fixes provided here will help you get the problem resolved.

However, if you are still finding yourself nowhere because of the same problem, consider configuring your extender again. Of course! It will be possible after performing a default factory reset. Thus, reset the extender and set it up again.

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