What to Feed Your Pup?

You should avoid feeding your dog junk food that humans love, but providing it with nutritious human food can be a good thing. So, in this article we list people’s foods that are perfectly good for dogs. Another thing that’s good for a dog’s health is pet insurance, because it allows you to seek quality medical treatment for your dog when needed. Whether they have eaten something toxic or become injured, a dog insurance policy can be a health life saver..

Now, onto food that dogs can eat:

  • Green beans are completely nutritious but low in calories and are ideal for obese dogs on the way to losing weight. Unsalted canned beans are a packed, low-calorie snack for dogs needing fibre-rich food. Always gradually adjust your pet to each new diet so that the changes do not cause digestive problems or health concerns such as food hypersensitivity.
  • Peanut butter is ideally salt-free but sometimes it is artificially sweetened. A sweetener called xylitol, a sugar substitute used in some peanut butter, is not safe for dogs. Therefore, always read the ingredient list on the package. Otherwise, peanut butter is a healthy treat that can sometimes be given to please the furry taste. It is fortified with Vitamin B & E along with protein.
  • Animal nutritionists recommend bananas to dogs and often share fruits with their dogs. Apple pits are toxic to dogs, so be careful when feeding them apple pulp, but pulp alone is a healthy and fruity treatment for dogs, with or without skin. Can be provided without.
  • Cheese contains low doses of lactose. Therefore, you can give your pet a small amount without fear of gastrointestinal dissatisfaction in your dog. Cottage cheese has protein and calcium. 
  • Another low-calorie food that is healthy for dogs and rich in vitamin A and fibre is carrots. Chewing crispy carrots is also suitable for dog teeth. 
  • When it comes to chicken, dog parents mainly choose raw meat. Another way to serve chicken is to cook it first. You can bake, cook, and grill the meat. Most healthy dogs can tolerate mild, unsalted spices and cooking oils. Do not add onions or garlic to the plate – they are toxic to dogs. And don’t feed your dog chicken bones, which can easily splinter
  • Pumpkin is a rich source of vitamin A and fibre for dogs. Canned varieties can be used, or fresh pumpkins can be cooked and then fed to dogs. Be sure to serve this food without sugar or any spices, as it is rich in Vitamin A and dietary fibre. Its benefits extend to supporting good digestive health. 
  • A healthy source of water-soluble dietary fibre, minerals such as iron, and vitamins such as B6 is oatmeal. The fibre contained in oats is very beneficial for older dogs who have irregular bowel movements. Constipation, gas, diarrhea, and some other gastrointestinal disorders can be cured with oatmeal. Serve oatmeal in a simple form that does not contain artificial flavours or fruits. Another advantage of oats is that they can be given to dogs with wheat allergies, making them a perfect alternative to grain supply.
  • A suitable alternative to milk is yogurt, and low lactose content makes it easier for dogs to digest. It has a high nutritional value of protein and calcium. Avoid savoury or sweetened yogurt, and be sure to not feed your dog too much. Meat and vegetables should represent the vast majority of its food intake.

These are some human foods to add to your pet’s diet. Always start offering small doses and check for side effects associated with digestive problems and food hypersensitivity. If your dog’s health is adversely affected by any human foods, you should consult a veterinarian. A pet health insurance policy will lift your financial burden in the event of an unexpected illness or a need for treatment. Hence, subscribe to a dog insurance policy to safeguard your dog’s health.

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