Where to use “Being”?

  • This is one of the most important and a confusing topic on which most of the students do not have much clarity. Lets see all uses of being one by one :-

Use 1. This rule states that we can replace Since/As/Because with being without changing the sense of sentence.

Examples : 1. As i am foolish, i always keep myself away from people. OR Being foolish, i always keep myself away from people.

2. Since i am a doctor, i should treat this guy. OR Being a doctor, i should treat this guy.

3. Being working with high management, i have to keep an eye at every ins and outs.

4. Being i was late in school, i was punished by 10 Rs.

Use 2. According to this rule, we use being where we notice a specific change in person’s behaviour/physique. Lets see by examples that how we do we use being in this way :-

Examples : 1. You are being naughty. (he was not naughty sometimes ago but now he is).

2. I am being a muscular guy as i am going to gym these days.

3. Management is being angry over his stupid work.

4. You are being intelligent for past 6 months.

5. Why you were being so silly when i asked you out?

6. He is not being such a nice person as expected from him.

Use 3. This is the most important rule. This rule is specifically used when we want to say a thing that will be happening in the future. Lets go deep into it :-

Explanation : Here, lets take a future continous tense example : 1. “I am sure that you will be being more intelligent when you will surround yourself with intelligent people”. (But we can not use be & being one after the other, so we omit being and use getting intstead). So, the correct sentence would be : I am sure that you will be getting more intelligent when you will surround yourself with intelligent people.

2. Ram will be getting(not being) crazy to go for travelling in his summer vacations.

3. I will be getting angry if i find him doing wrong work.

4. You will be turning 25 in the next year.(In ages we use turning rather than being or getting).

5. They will not be getting nervous in the meeting of 50 people. I take gurantee of it.

Use 4. According to this rule we use being in its Gerund form.

Example : 1. Being selfish is not good for anyone. It might be lead to worse effects in future.

2. I love being with you.

3. I love being in mountains. Weather is so fascinating there all the time.

4. Being a innocent person, is his characterstic.

5. I used to have a lot of enjoy being with you.

Use 5. Stucture : Being + V3 :- When we use this kind of structure in sentence then there is sense that action is happening on ourself. See some examples :-

Example 1. What is the possibilty of being appointed me as a Manager in my company.

2. He told me about his being hurt while playing in the ground.

3. I was told by Viney of being drunkard in the party.

4. Everyone knows about my being beaten in playground.

5. He was scared of being caught by police in connection in the murder.

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