Which Custom ‘Friends’ Character Bobblehead Doll Would You Pick?

If you are obsessed with rewatching the popular American TV sitcom ‘Friends’ and identify as one of the six characters or better, you have an entire gang who are equally obsessed, customize a bobblehead after each one of the characters and gift them to your friends.

If you are browsing through the web wondering which bobbleheads custom options provided by a custom bobblehead maker will be suitable for your order, choose from ones provided by a renowned one. That way you are assured of a doll that looks exactly like you wanted!

Read on to know which custom Friends character bobblehead doll is the perfect one for you.

The Monica

If the person obsesses about every detail. Must have everything in order. Is bossy. However, has a heart of gold. If he/she is meticulous but loves you like his/her own. He/she is the ideal candidate for this custom Monica Bobblehead doll. 

Watch him/her fuss over the perfect place to display this one and enjoy a hearty laugh!

The Rachel

If your friend or you are a fashionista, spontaneous and playful, you know that the Rachel custom bobblehead doll is the perfect one!

Choose a picture you want your custom bobblehead to resemble and get excited for a Rachel lookalike on your desk!

The Ross
This one is for the nerd in your group, who obsesses about facts! He/she is loyal and emotional and makes every decision from his/her heart.
Get a custom-made Ross bobblehead doll for yourself or your friend. Let them chuckle looking at it whenever ‘he/she is taking a break’!

The Chandler
If somebody is always cracking jokes, throwing sarcastic comments around, and is known for his/her quick wit, the custom Chandler Bobblehead Doll is the perfect one for him/her!
Show off his/her logical side with this custom bobblehead on the desk and laugh at its bobbling head while you stare at it!

The Joey
This one is for somebody who obsesses about food, their friends and well, you know what!
Let the custom Joey bobblehead doll reflect his/her funny side and draw everyone with its spontaneous bobble!

The Phoebe
This one is for the quirky one who is passionate about the environment and animal rights, is known for their unusual traits, is caring and emotional, and is always there for her friends.
Surprise the ‘Phoebe’ in your group or get one for yourself. This quirky doll will make sure no Monday blues are worth fussing over.

If you know which custom Friends character bobbleheads you want but are wondering about which custom online bobbleheads maker you should pick, choose one who will take care to make the perfect bobblehead doll for you.

So, browse online, look for the best custom bobblehead doll maker and get yourself or your loved one a Friends character-inspired bobblehead doll.

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