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Why ‘Missed Call’ Marketing Has Taken Hold in India

On a sunny afternoon, a user is searching for a product available only on your website and in order to book it right away, she just has to give a missed call and book the product instantly. Easy task right? Missed call marketing is the talk of the town when the users are always on the phone communicating through calls and messages. The time is here for businesses to reach more customers without spending a bomb, leveraging the missed call services. 

Missed call alert services are the fastest and the easiest way to figure out the requirements of the users, with missed calls services like polls, outreach, surveys and real-time tracking, it becomes ideal for companies to use missed call alert services

Preferring missed call services can cost zero penny to the customers and can still fetch pounds worth of data for the business. The tech-savvy have finally understood the potential of this tool to derive more business and leads. 

Why are missed call services important for a business?

  • Automated calls disconnect feature for prompt and easy use.
  • Instant acknowledgement SMS is sent to the client.
  • Details that analyse response time in calling and the performance of the missed call received by the business.

How can missed call services benefit the business?

Client registration and subscription

It is convenient for a prospect to register with the organisation with a missed call rather than a lengthy registration process. According to a recent study, subscription rates are shown to have been effectively increased by ten times with a missed call alert service.

Opt-in or opt-out

Remember unsolicited emails in the inbox from brands advertising their products and services? After ignoring them for a long time, you are forced to hit the unsubscribe button. But businesses pestering a client after they are not interested is a waste of their resources and does not bode well for the clients. Missed call solutions can help clients opt in and out of the business.

Wide range of access

Missed call solutions allow businesses to market and advertise their campaigns through all ranges of telecommunication technologies, which means that not only smartphone users but also cater to feature phones and landlines.

Cost-effective technology for customers

Unlike traditional ways of advertising for a campaign, missed call solutions are virtually free for clients. This cost-effective technology increases sales and ultimately results in increased client satisfaction and greater prospects for the business.

Conduct polls for customers

Running a survey or poll has become significantly convenient for businesses. Interested clients can simply give a missed call on the provided number if they are in agreement with the question asked and get valuable feedback. 

Missed calls service providers like Mtalkz understand that new-age customers require smart associations with a business and use updated technologies that effectively save their time from unnecessary communication. Missed call services are a perfect way for you to stay on top of all marketing trends and widen your reach to new prospective clients

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