Why My Orbi Satellite Keeps Disconnecting From Router?

I have done the Netgear Orbi setup at my home. I used the correct steps via orbilogin.com to install the Orbi whole-home WiFi mesh system in my home. But don’t know why after I relocated the Orbi router and satellites at different parts of my home, the satellite keeps disconnecting. Please advise me on this so that I can get good WiFi on all my devices in different parts of the home.

If you are looking for a perfect solution to this issue then your search ends here. You will learn about why this issue appeared and what to do to get it fixed. Go on reading further to know more about it.

How to Fix Orbi Router and Satellite Connection?

Bring the Devices Closer

 After you have relocated the Netgear Orbi devices, you must have placed them at different corners or parts of the home. Of course, you are supposed to place them apart. But one thing that you might have missed on is that the Orbi router should be placed in the range of the modem and the Orbi satellites should be placed in the range of the Orbi router.

Relocate the devices again if this is true for your case. Placing the devices in close proximity is important so that they can have smooth communication with each other.

Re-sync the Devices

After changing the placement of the devices also if you are facing the same issue, then try to re-sync the devices. By devices we mean you need to sync the Orbi router and satellite again.  Perhaps they were not synced properly earlier which is why you are getting the issue under discussion.

 To sync them, you need to first connect them to power sockets and apply power. Once the devices are turned on, you need to press the button labeled Sync on the satellite first and then press the same button on the Orbi router. Keep in mind that the devices ought to be placed closer to each other while you are syncing them. Observe the Orbi satellite colors to see if they are synced or not. If the light is blue this means the devices are synced.

Make an Ethernet Connection

After the devices are synced, you can move the Netgear Orbi satellite to a new location in the home to access its WiFi. If again you keep getting the same disconnection issue, then try connecting the devices using a wired connection.  Maybe the connection between the Orbi router and the modem is not stable. So take the help of an Ethernet cable and connect the Orbi router to the modem. If this does not fix the problem, then go to the next step in line.

Update the Firmware

When was the last time you updated your Orbi device? Perhaps its been long. Even if it is a new device, it may need a firmware update. If the Orbi that you are using is running on an older version of firmware then this could be the reason why the devices are getting disconnected again and again. Go ahead and update your Netgear Orbi now. You need to access the Orbi login page to get the task executed in an easy manner. You can at any time refer to the user manual to know the exact steps of updating the firmware on your Orbi.

Check Internet Connection

Another reason why the devices are getting disconnected is that the internet connection is not stable. Do you see Orbi pink light? Pink light implies an unstable internet connection. Since we have already mentioned connecting the Orbi router to the modem using an Ethernet cable, a faulty connection between them can not be the reason behind shaky internet  So, try contacting your ISP to check if there is an issue from his end. Let him get it fixed and then see if you still experience the same problem.

Wrap Up

We hope you are no more getting troubled by the same issue. However, if you do, then reboot your entire Orbi system. If this step also failed to work then resetting your Orbi will be the last resort. By resetting the Orbi, you restore it back to the factory settings. After that set it up again from the very beginning. We are very sure that you will no longer be bothered by devices getting disconnected issue.

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