Why Should International Brands Use a Localization Management Platform?

Do you know that around 65 percent of online buyers prefer buying from brands that speak the local language, instead of English-Only brands? Considering the changing buying behaviors of online customers, international brands need to up their localization game. With brand localizations, businesses can improve the overall customer brand experience significantly. However, to make it happen smoothly, brands need advanced localization management platforms.

These professional localization tools can accelerate the growth of international brands in foreign markets. In this article, we will discuss the significance of cloud-based localization management systems for global brands and how using these systems eases the localization journey.

Brand Localization Management – Overview 

It is a process of adapting all elements of your brand to local preferences. From translating the brand’s content to the local language to modifications in website design, everything comes under the umbrella of localization. You have to assemble a team of experts to carry out everyday brand localization processes. Moreover, you should have all the required tools and resources in place to seamlessly perform your localization activities. Brands need to invest in professional localization management platforms to keep the localization journey hassle-free and simplified. However, it is your choice whether you want to manage your brand localization yourself or establish in-house teams and processes. Or, you want to outsource it from a third-party service provider.

Perks of Localization Management Platform for Global Brands 

Whether you want to manage in-house localization or outsource the processes, it is critical for the brands to have a professional localization management system. It would not just automate your localization processes, but also give you access to a marketplace of qualified professionals to outsource your localization processes. Following are some major benefits of using a localization management platform for international businesses.

Speed Up the Translation Process 

Professional localization systems bring about automation to the everyday localization processes that allow you to manage more work in less time. MT translation tools in your localization system enable you to generate automated translation quickly. This way, you can easily manage your daily translation needs, without relying too much on professional human translators. Unlike traditional localization management, there are fewer complications that save up a lot of time wasted on edits and mistakes. Advanced localization platforms manage your maximum work, with minimal human intervention.

Streamlined Workflows & Integrations

Everything gets well-organized and simplified with professional localization systems. Project managers get full control over their localization processes, and they can create a customized workflow for every localization task. Moreover, localization platforms also support third-party integrations to save up more time spent switching between different apps. With this integration, you can bring the functionalities of other apps to your localization platform, and work through a single platform. All the changes that you made through your TMS or localization platform will automatically get updated in the other apps. You can always customize integrations for your apps if your vendor is not already providing API for them.

Effectively Manage Internal and External Teams 

Being an international brand, you have to work with both internal and external teams. You may have remote workers, freelancers, and native translators in your team who are working from different regions. With smart cloud-based localization platforms, you can effortlessly collaborate with your localization team in real time. As we know, the concept of digital workplaces is becoming more popular. It is important for you to create an inclusive work environment for all team members, no matter whether they are working in-house or remotely. Modern localization platforms come with advanced communication features that would allow your remote teams to collaborate with office staff seamlessly. Moreover, some TMS also have their own LSP and freelance marketplace, which means you can also hire your external teams directly through the localization platform.

Reduce Localization Cost 

Some of you might perceive professional localization platforms as an added expense, but in reality, these platforms would only cut your localization cost through all possible means. For instance, using MT tools you can generate automated translations that would reduce your dependency on human translators. It means you don’t have to hire extensive translators as your translation needs increase. Similarly, it optimizes your everyday translation and localization workflow, which reduces complications and chances of errors. It means you are less likely to waste your time on frequent edits and corrections that also consume a lot of resources. It eases the burden on your employees, improves their performance, and they can prioritize their content accordingly.

Enhance Transparency and Scalability 

With a cloud-based localization platform, you can easily track the progress of your project in real-time. Project managers are likely to have more control over their localization management activities with professional TMSs. There will be more clarity on the current project status, and problems can be identified instantly as they occur. So, there will be fewer chances of errors and project failures. It allows the project managers to make more informed decisions regarding localization project strategy. Moreover, using a cloud localization system would also increase your business scalability. You can upgrade your localization features, and customize the workflows anytime you want. It allows you to scale your business more effortlessly in a foreign market. You can anytime change the specifications of your localization platforms, as your brand needs increase. This way, a cloud-based localization platform gives you more flexibility and freedom.

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