Why You Should Choose Dental Implants Over Bridges and Dentures

Many factors could lead to tooth loss, including injuries to the face and mouth, decay, age, and sicknesses. Missing teeth can also affect your face’s shape, limit the food that you can eat, and may even cause a speech impediment. On the bright side, there are ways that a dental surgeon can replace your missing teeth and improve your quality of life. We shall look at some of these teeth replacement options below;

  1. Dental Implants

This is one of the more long-lasting solutions to missing teeth. You can start by booking a consultation and getting tested to see if you qualify to get the implants. The procedure is relatively safe and done under local anesthesia, meaning you feel little to no pain. The implant specialist will make an incision on your gum place a zirconium or titanium metal that will act as the root for your new teeth. Bone grafting can be done to replace the wholly damaged shaft. After new bone grows and attaches to the metal implant, an abutment is fitted to hold the crown. This whole process takes about six months from implantation to you being able to eat most foods. Proper care of your new teeth is vital so that the teeth can last longer.

  1. Dentures

Commonly known as false teeth, dentures offer relief for patients missing one or a set of teeth. The main dentures include immediate, complete, implant retained, partially removable, and fixed dentures. These options offer you a quick solution to restoring missing teeth. When getting dentures, the dentist will take an impression of your gum where the teeth need to be replaced study the alignment of your teeth and your bite. This ensures that the dentures will allow you to chew and speak as you did with your natural teeth. This impression are sent to a lab. Your doctor fits an initial set of dentures to check for any adjustments that need to be done. After the necessary changes, you will receive your new dentures ready for use. You have the option to have them fixed onto your gum or have them removable.

  1. Dental Bridge

In this option, the dentist uses a pontic to bridge any gaps in your teeth. The false teeth are commonly made with porcelain because it easily matches your other teeth, but other materials such as gold can be used as requested. The bridge will last about five to fifteen years before you need to replace them again.

Merits of Choosing Implants over Dentures and Bridges

Dental Implants are the superior option when it comes to teeth replacement procedures. Some benefits of implants include;

  1. Maintenance

After your implants heal, you can maintain them as you would with natural teeth. You have to brush, floss, and go for regular checkups to ensure the teeth stay in mint condition for a lifetime. Bridges need an interproximal brush to be able to clean underneath the bridges. Dentures should be removed at night, brushed, and placed in a cleaning solution given by the doctor.

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  1. Longevity

Dentures and bridges are a temporary solution to teeth loss. Eventually, you will need to get implants. Both dentures and bridges will give you a maximum of 15 years before needing a replacement procedure, whereas implants once placed will last you a lifetime.

  1. Cost

Depending on the number of teeth you have to replace, dentures and bridges appear to be a cheaper option than implants. However, the regular replacement involved in dentures and bridges makes them more expensive than getting implants. Implants offer a one-off cost because all you need to do is book regular dental checkups as you would for natural teeth after they are placed.

Implants are a permanent and the most reasonable option for teeth replacement. The alternative offers temporary solutions and come with their own set of challenges. A common fear for most people with dentures and bridges is that the teeth may come off as they eat or speak, which can be pretty embarrassing. Implants are fixed firmly onto your gum, so there is no chance of such mishaps happening. Dentists lean towards implants because they offer a lifeline to many candidates regardless of their age and gum health.

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