Wish Sentences

All of the wish sentences related to the three verbs : 1. Be 2. Do 3. Have. So, here in this article, we will cover every variant of wish and do some wish sentences exercises along with it.

So, Let’s continue :

1. Be : Be or its forms “is/am/are/were/been” are used in the sentences. Lets take some examples of wish in these type of sentences.


(I). Wish Sentences using is/am/are.


  • I wish I am at home.
  • He wishes his mother is with you.
  • We wish to be at Shimla this time.
  • I wish Rahul is not in the hospital.
  • She wishes children are in school right now.

Note : Here, in this type of sentences we can use be in place of is/am/are. But be should not be used in the negative sentences.

(II). Wish Sentences using were/would be.


  • I wish I were the PM.
  • I wish Rahul were my brother.
  • We wish we were a strong team.
  • He wishes she were his girlfriend.
  • She wishes that she were a singer.

Note : Here, in this article we can use would be in place of were.

(III). Wish Sentences using would have been.


  • I wish I would have been selected in the IAS exam.
  • I wish they would have been assigned for this important work.
  • He wishes she would have been crazy for me.
  • They wish computer would have been repaired.
  • She wishes she would have been a teacher.

2. Do : Let’s take some more examples where Do is used with Would/Could/Simple present/Would have+v3/Would have+v4

1. Sentence using would.


  • I wish I would go there.
  • I wish I would make you my girl.
  • He wishes he would go to America.
  • I wish he would do dance in party.
  • She wishes she would bring a medal for country.

2. Sentences using could.


  • I wish I could go America.
  • I wish India could win the match.
  • We all wish we could do work from anywhere.
  • She wishes she could speak English fluently.
  • I wish she could meet me in the market.

3. Sentences using present indefinite tense form.


  • I wish I meet you.
  • I wish he go to park.
  • I wish he comes for us here.
  • They wish he wins the game.
  • He wishes she brings her house back.
  • I wish I ever go to America.

4. Sentences using would have + v3


  • I wish I would have completed my work.
  • They wish they would have reached home earlier.
  • He wishes she would have met him.
  • She wishes I would have left for the party.
  • I wish train would have left from platform.

5. Sentence using would be + v4.


  • I wish Sachin would be playing in my team.
  • I wish Kohli would be batting.
  • They wish he would be enjoying the party.
  • We wish she would be doing better in her examination.
  • I wish she would be getting rich.

3. Have : Let’s take some more examples where Do is used with has/have/had/would have had.

1. Wish Sentences using has/have.


  • I wish I have a luxury car.
  • I wish he has a good wife.
  • He wishes they have a good time together.
  • We wish he has a good fortune.
  • I wish I don’t have a bad time.

2.Wish Sentences using had.


  • I wish she had a iPhone.
  • He wishes she had a good time with her.
  • I wish you had in my life.
  • They wish all we had a good mentor for this big match.
  • I wish I had a lot of money in my bank.

3. Wish Sentences using would have had.


  • I wish I would have had a good time.
  • I wish you would have had a good time with her.
  • She wishes she would have had money.
  • I wish she would have had this house for a bit longer time.
  • I wish I would have had a good amount of time to do things of interest.

Conclusion : So, Wish Sentences are used in case to want something to happen or to be true even though it is unlikely or impossible wish. That is the reason we can not use it in present continuous tenses.

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