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Choose vs chose

The difference between Word Choice: Choose or Chose would sometimes be very important while writing an essay, a formal letter, or in-office emails. Let us discuss how & when to choose each :

Choose: Used in where there is a sense of making a decision. This is used in present & future tenses.

For example

  •  I choose to wear t-shirts in summer.
  •  I will choose to wear t-shirts in India once we reach there as it is very hot there.

The first sentence here expresses an intention in the present situation however in the second sentence there is a sense of making a choice in the future.

Chose: It expresses the intention that the decision has already been made. It is used in the past tense.

For example

  • I chose to wear a t-shirt when I was in India as there was very hot.
  • When I heard about the new store of cloth, I chose to visit there.

Here, the speaker is talking about a past decision.

So, this is all about the difference between Choose or Chose. Moreover, there are two more forms about this word which is “choosing or chosen”

Choosing is used in the present participle i.e. where the decision is being made at the time of the speaking.

For example :

  • I am choosing where to go for a picnic
  • I am choosing what to eat between pizza or burger.

Chosen is used in the past participle meanwhile, are used in the perfect tenses.

For example :

  • I had chosen to stay at home before my friends came to invite me to a party.
  • We had already chosen to go for a picnic on Saturday before they told us.



                                                                         Long story short: Always keep in mind the below difference while typing…

                                             Choose or Chose?

                                                                                                  Choose = Simple present tense

                                                                                                      Chose = Simple past tense

Read about the pronunciation of Choose or Chose also :

We confuse generally in Choose or Chose in regards to their pronunciation also: Choose is pronounced to rhyme with “Shoes” which is also used in the present and future tenses like Choose and, Chose is pronounced to rhyme with “Nose”.


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