AI Edge Camera – Starting Of A New Era

A smartphone these days is almost impossible to find without some form of artificial intelligence (AI). The phrase “AI camera” is all the rage these days at smartphone launch events, especially for the midrange and high-end models. Because of this, it’s worthwhile to learn more about how AI edge camera works and how it can be used in various fields, including law enforcement! Let’s take a closer look at the various applications that AI-powered cameras may have.

Iconic family recollections

You may better capture the moment and the memories being made by capturing images and videos that feel natural and candid. In addition, it may alleviate the stress of parents who are concerned about their children missing or forgetting important events in their lives.


Several edge AI camera is making headlines. AI, a 24-hour video feed, and up to a month of video storage are all included in the Lighthouse security camera released in 2017. 

This type of surveillance camera may become more common in public places, retail establishments, government buildings, and more as AI edge camera gain popularity. Lighthouse AI’s camera has a 1080p resolution, ensuring that what is captured is clear. This could significantly enhance surveillance and security.

However, high-quality video security comes with the risk of being spied on. Could these AI security cameras be trained to look for specific types of people? Do these security cameras’ 24-hour video recordings or the AI’s directives make it easy for someone to hack in?

Additionally, one family member could use AI to spy on another member of the household—whether it’s to see if their children have friends over, if their spouse is cheating, or whether their teenagers are sneaking out at night. By not recording audio, Google Clips at least partially addresses concerns about spying, but the issue may still exist.

Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect

Future edge AI camera could also be powerful tools against abuse. There is a risk of forgetting that you’re running while setting up the cameras. The victims of domestic violence may request that future versions of AI cameras transmit video if their abuser begins to act violently.

Our future is an artificial intelligence

Every day, we use our mobile devices to document our activities, share them with friends and family, and generally let the world know what we’re up to. It may seem creepy to have a camera that takes pictures of you whenever it sees fit, but the fact is that many of us already share our personal information with the world in some way. However, this does not negate the necessity of establishing some boundaries.


Finally, AI is transforming the way cameras work. When it comes to spotting a shooter before he commits any violence, AI-enhanced cameras can be used for various purposes without the need for a large number of additional hardware components.

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