Can’t Join WiFi Network? Here’s How to Fix it

Is your device not connecting to the Linksys extender WiFi network? Have you tried rebooting and still can’t join the WiFi network? Well, in that case, you can’t access the internet. To resolve this issue, you should get through the following points. All these will come in handy in knowing what could be the reason behind why you can’t join a WiFi network.

Further, you also get a solution to ensure your device can join the Linksys extender WiFi network. With that said, let’s explore the following point. Keep reading.

Reasons & Fix For Can’t Join WiFi Network

Wrong WiFi Password

Every WiFi network is protected with a password. If your network is not password protected, you should do it right away. Since there is password protection, you could be entering the wrong WiFi password. In that case, your device can’t join WiFi network no matter how many times you try.

You can simply remove the WiFi from your network names list. After that, you should carefully enter the WiFi password after selecting your WiFi name. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, you should reset the WiFi password. Try again after resetting your WiFi password.

Technical Glitches

The electrical devices have circuits that fall prey to numerous technical glitches. Therefore, in that case, you can’t join the network name. Technical issues might contain bugs, errors, or issues that are not in your control. Therefore, you must resolve these issues before connecting to your WiFi name.

However, the problem with technical issues is that you can’t tell precisely about the whereabouts of the issues. In that case, you should simply reboot your Linksys extender. While doing that, you should completely remove the devices from the internet and power outlets. Restart each device one at a time.

Distance Issues

One of the biggest reasons why you can’t join a WiFi network is because the device is too far from the Linksys extender. Due to this, the device is not getting adequate WiFi signals. Apart from that, the Linksys extender might not be getting the required WiFi signals from the router. To check that, you should do Linksys router login and enhance its WiFi coverage to take the extender into the required distance.

Outdated Firmware

Every Linksys extender has a set of instructions or directions known as firmware. It has to be updated over time to update security patches and other bugs. However, having an outdated web browser might result in numerous issues.

So, if you can’t join the WiFi network, you should access the Linksys extender using a mobile or another device. You can do that by entering the web address in the web browser. After that, you can easily update the Linksys extender firmware.

WiFi Interference

WiFi signals are easily distorted which might be the reason why your device can’t join the WiFi network. A few reasons for WiFi interference are reflexive surfaces, metal objects, water sources, and electrical appliances. All these things will hamper the free flow of WiFi signals through your house.

Therefore, to resolve this issue, you should get rid of the WiFi interference. You can do that by removing all the objects that are participating in WiFi interference. After that, you can easily access the extender WiFi network and join it.

Wrap Up

As you can see, numerous reasons play their part when there is an issue. Hence, when you can’t join a WiFi network, you should first check what could be the reason behind it. Once you know that, you should then try to resolve it.

When you resolve the problems, you can easily connect your device to the WiFi network. Hence, you get connected to the internet and have the best internet experience.

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