How to Restore Factory Settings on an Orbi

A high-performance wireless system called the Orbi Wi-Fi System can provide internet access across your entire house. It offers quick browsing speeds and might assist you in eliminating dead zones in and around your home. This post will explain how to return your device to its factory default settings and reset your Netgear orbi router.

How to restore the factory defaults of the Orbi router

Search for the reset button. There ought to be a tiny reset button on it. This button is often found on the router’s back.
Reset by clicking the button. While the router is turned on, press and hold the reset button. You’ll probably need a paper clip to do this because the button is usually recessive.

While the router is off, press and hold the reset button.Touch the reset button to restart the device. Once more pressing the reset button, hold it down for at least 30 seconds.

Fire up the router. Take a few minutes to unplug the router’s power source. The router will resume once the power source has been reconnected.

Why is a factory reset of the Netgear Orbi router necessary?

The Wi-Fi system of the Netgear Orbi router is one of the most well-liked and has incredible features. You’ll like having access to the internet constantly.

The Orbi wireless network will link your building to your building. The Orbi router occasionally develops problems, such as failing to respond to connections, dropping connections, or not being able to connect. When this occurs, it is advised to reset the router to verify if the problem is still present.

Netgear Orbi router default reset

  • If you are unable to visit due to a bad wired or wireless connection,
  • Then your orbi system needs to be factory reset.
  • Ensure that your orbi is connected to a functional power supply.
  • As soon as the device’s power light begins to flash amber, hold down the reset button.
  • The ring light will change to amber if you are resetting the satellite equipment.
  • Resetting your Orbi device was successful.

Orbi Router Unable to Reset

If you are attempting to reset an orbi Wi-Fi router because you can’t connect to
You can get support from,, and the guidelines below.
Verify that your Orbi device is turned on.
using a paperclip or other comparable object In order to make your Orbi device glow amber, press and hold this button for a short period of time. Be advised that the ring LED will flicker amber when you reset the satellite of a wall outlet. It has been reset the Orbi gadget.

Orbi Reset Is Ineffective

Logging into the Orbi router, I attempted to reset the satellite and router, but the reset didn’t work. Use to try connecting to your router directly through a web browser.

Using the ISP router, confirm that your PC is online.

It is advised to contact Netgear’s technical support staff if the subsequent measures are ineffective. Netgear.


We have shown how to reset the router using an energy cycle, a hard reset, and browser configuration options in this article for resetting Orbi Router.

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