Old School RuneScape

Old School Runescape Has New Updates in Pipeline

It doesn’t happen often, but Old School RuneScape is about to get a massive update. This means that it may be high time to dig out your OSRS accounts and grab yourself a few new achievements, or maybe some cool gear. Let’s tell you what you can expect to find.

Scurrius Achievements and Desert Treasure II Combat

One of the most anticipated features of the next Old School RuneScape update is the Scurrius boss battle, and the new Desert Treasure II. We’re pleased to say both are now live in the game, and the achievement list provides a wealth of fun opportunities for eager players, both new and old.

Desert Treasure II combat may be the best update we’ve seen in a while, with 4 different bosses to battle, and 9 achievements per boss. Each achievement corresponds to a specific way to tackle that boss, so you’ll be busy for months if you want to grab all of them.

The Scurrius boss is a boss that can easily be fought by newish players, providing more things to do with your OSRS account. Basic achievements include killing Scurrius once (under the novice achievements), all the way to killing him without taking damage from any of his major attacks. So, this is perfect for those that want a lot of challenge in what is a rather simple boss to take out for the first time. You might need to buy some OSRS gold to get your equipment in the best position if you want to take on this challenge! The best place to buy OSRS gold is here at U7Buy.com.

Defender of Varrock Quest

It may be a while before this update comes out, but it is one voted on by the community, so it’s sure to be good. The Defender of Varrock is a quest that will take you throughout the world. So, a proper classic OSRS quests. At the end of the chain, you’ll get an awesome Zombie Axe for your troubles, offering 65 attack. 

Jagex are still trying to balance the Zombie Axe, so we don’t have full stats for you right now.

Ready to Tackle the Latest Updates for OSRS?

The Scurrius boss and Desert Combat II are now available, with the Zombie Axe quest dropping at a later date. Chances are that we’ll see some more updates for OSRS over the next year too, so keep an eye out for those.

Remember – if you want to make sure that your OSRS accounts are in the best position for these battles, then make sure that you look into buying either OSRS accounts from us, or maybe even some OSRS gold. This will ensure that your kit is perfect for the battles ahead, and that you’ll be able to fly through this content at the highest level in no time at all.

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