Orbi Purple Light Meaning and How to Fix It?

A Netgear Orbi mesh WiFi system works on the principle of a mesh cloud in which satellites receive the signals emitted by the router and transmit them over the dead zones. The more the number of satellites, the higher the network range. But, this network range can get reduced and your internet experience can be ruined if you see the Orbi satellite colors in purple or magenta. What is the meaning of the purple light on your Netgear Orbi router and how can it affect the entire internet experience? This article will shed light on similar aspects.

What Does Purple Light on Orbi Router Mean?

Since the Orbi system is a combination of a router and satellites, purple light may appear on any of these devices. In the case of the router, it is the ring LED that flashes purple. If we talk about the Orbi satellite, it also consists of a ring LED that might pulse purple or flash solid magenta on various occasions. In the sections given below, you’ll learn in-depth the meaning of the purple light on Orbi devices.

Orbi Purple Light Meaning [Router]

If the ring LED of your Netgear Orbi WiFi router is pulsing purple, it means:

  • The WAN port link is down
  • Your Netgear Orbi can’t get the IP address from the host gateway
  • No internet connection

If the LED light on your Orbi router is pulsing purple and blue alternatively, then it means that your internet connection is blocked due to heavy network traffic. Worry not! It happens when you’ve configured the router to block the traffic when it reached the assigned limit.

Orbi Purple Light Meaning [Satellite]

In case it is the ring LED of your satellite that is pulsing purple or magenta, it is a sign that:

  • The satellite is trying to create a connection with the router.
  • When the LED pulses purple for more than a minute, it indicates that the satellite has lost the connection or has failed to obtain the IP address from the router.

Just in case you see the solid purple light on your Orbi satellite’s ring LED, it means that:

  • The IP address assigned by the router to the satellite is changing its values.
  • Poor connection or no sync between the Orbi router and satellite.

Now that you’ve gained enough knowledge about the Orbi purple light meaning and have understood that it is an issue that needs to be addressed, walk through the next segment. It consists of tested and proven techniques that will help you fix the problem you are facing.

Orbi Purple Light Fix [Router]

Since the very first reason behind seeing the purple light on Orbi ring LED was the poor working status of the WAN link port, consider checking the same. If it is damaged, then make use of another port to create the router-modem connection.

  • The working status of the WAN link port won’t help you if the cable used for connecting the router and modem is damaged. Therefore, always use a well-working Ethernet cable for the direct connection between devices. Plus, make the connection strong.
  • Your Orbi router and modem must be present within each other’s range. Most importantly, maintain a clear line of sight between them. This way, they won’t face any problems while transmitting their wireless signals.

Besides, change the network traffic settings on your router to fix the alternate pulsing or blue and purple color on your Orbi’s ring LED. It can be done by accessing the Netgear Orbi login page via orbilogin.com.

Orbi Purple Light Fix [Satellite]

  • If your Orbi satellite flashes the purple color for the first time, then we suggest you wait for a moment as it is a sign of an attempt to create the satellite-router connection. However, if it doesn’t settle down, try the next hack.
  • Bring the satellite within the range of the router. Yes, we agree that your satellite does not need to maintain a clear line of sight with the router due to tri-band WiFi technology. But, you must know that they won’t be able to communicate if placed out of range.

Need More Help?

Restart your Orbi satellite. Doing so will make it possible for the satellite to obtain a static IP from the router. You can also disconnect the router and satellite and reconnect them while rebooting the satellite.

No Luck?

Sync your Orbi devices. For this, press the Sync button on your router first and then on the satellite. However, they must be placed within each other’s range during the syncing process.

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