Rockspace extender Dropping WiFi Connection

Rockspace extender Dropping WiFi Connection? Here’s the Fix!

Although Rockspace WiFi extenders are amazing networking devices used around the globe, yet at times, many users come across various technical communications with it. And the Rockspace extender dropping WiFi connection is the most common issue nowadays due to which users are not able to access http //re.rockspace.local web URL. In the event that you are also experiencing the same issue, you have landed on the right post.

Here, we will make you familiar with various troubleshooting tips to get rid of the Rockspace extender keeps dropping the WiFi connection issue. Let’s get the ball rolling.

Resolved: Rockspace Extender Dropping WiFi Connection

There are two main ways to rectify the Rockspace extender drops WiFi connection issue. They are:

  • Update the Rockspace WiFi extender’s firmware version
  • Factory reset your Rockspace wireless extender

Let’s take the plunge!

1. Update Your Rockspace WiFi Extender’s Firmware

Rockspace regularly releases firmware updates for their WiFi extenders. The extender firmware update is similar to the desktop updates. Not only the latest firmware version resolves technical problems related to your extender but it also enhances its connectivity and functionality.

On the off chance if your Rockspace wireless extender is running an outdated firmware version, walk through the below-given steps to update it:

  • Grab an Ethernet cable and insert its one end to the Rockspace extender while another to the router.
  • Be certain that the cable doesn’t include any kind of cuts or damages.
  • After making a wired connection, power on your Rockspace extender and the router.
  • Thereafter, open an internet browser of your choice on your PC or desktop.
  • Access http //re.rockspace.local web-based page.
  • As soon as the login window appears, enter the user ID and password.
  • Hitting the Log In button will take you to the Rockspace extender dashboard.
  • Once logged in, head over to the Advanced section.
  • Select the Firmware Update option.
  • Click on the Check button.
  • Wait until the Rockspace extender detects the new available firmware update.
  • Just in case the new firmware update is available, click on the Yes button.

However,In the event that re.rockspace.local not working for you, try using the default IP address of your Rockspace extender to gain login access.

In this manner, you can update the firmware of your Rockspace wireless extender. Once done, verify whether your Rockspace extender is still dropping the WiFi connection or not. If yes, move to the next troubleshooting step mentioned underneath.

2. Factory Reset Your Rockspace extender

Still your Rockspace extender dropping WiFi connection? Fret not! All you need to do is simply reset your extender to the default factory settings and fix the issue. You can perform the Rockspace extender reset process in two ways:

Using the Web Interface

To reset your Rockspace wireless extender using the web interface, do the following:

  • Plug your Rockspace WiFi extender into a power socket and turn it on.
  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect your extender to the router.
  • Launch your favorite web browser on a computer or laptop.
  • Visit the Rockspace extender login web page.
  • Insert the user ID and password into the given fields.
  • Click on the Log In button.
  • Once logged in, navigate to the Advanced section.
  • Hit the Factory Reset button.
  • Let the extender reboot itself.

Thus, you can restore the factory default settings on your Rockspace extender using the web user interface.

Via the Reset Button

Walk through the below-given steps to reset your Rockspace WiFi extender via the Reset button:

  • Insert the power adapter of your Rockspace extender into a wall socket.
  • Grab a tiny object or paper clip.
  • Find the Reset button on your extender.
  • Once found, press it using a paper clip.
  • Wait until the extender reboots itself.

In this manner, you can rectify the Rockspace extender dropping WiFi connection issue. However, if you still come across any sort of issue, feel free to get in touch with our technical experts.

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