Seven Common Mistakes in Leading Teams

Joining a leadership role comes with a lot of responsibilities and expectations. There are many chances of mistakes and misfires as a new manager tries to deal with the challenge of being responsible for others’ work. If you have any prior experience, you are set for a good start, but there is still a lot to learn at the early stage of a new leadership position. Here are the common mistakes in leading teams.

Lacking Humility 

Being in a position of power and sense of authority may be suitable for your ego; however, your employees must know that you are not minus your misfires. As a team leader, you must recognize your failures. Perhaps you will fall at some point but what matters is the ability to get back up and learn from your mistakes. This practice of yours will give your employees a sense of confidence. They will understand mistakes are natural, even for leaders. 


As a leader, you must put faith and trust in the people to do their jobs efficiently. Many times leaders end up micromanaging. Whatever the reason, micromanaging contributes more harm than any good. Experts suggest that micromanaging often disables your ability to get essential things done. It handicaps and demoralizes your team. Teams might lead to dysfunctional operations when not led by their leader. 

The “If you want something done right, do it yourself” approach is a dangerous attitude to have while leading a team. 

Being Too Emotional 

Letting your emotions influence your decisions may be a sensible thing to do in various situations. However, using emotions to justify your choices in a leadership position is not an appreciable practice. Your team will need to see the logic and facts backing up the decision you take for them to trust you. If you make the decisions based solely on emotions, there will be times your team might not understand the rationale of your choice, and in some cases, there will be no logical justification. 

Not Believing in Yourself  

When you are given the position of leadership, it clearly means that someone has trust in your judgment. Consistently self-doubting will put off your employees, and the trust will be gone in no time. It is essential to trust your gut. To further help avoid common leadership mistakes, read more about Bardya Ziaian Toronto on leadership. 

Absences of Vision 

A company without a vision will have challenges moving forward. The lack of proper objectives will leave many holes, such as improper resource planning, inaccurate organizational success metrics, and unfocused projects. A vision must align the organization enabling employees to work efficiently towards the prescribed goal. 

Not Giving Feedback  

Leaders want to be loved by their people. This makes it risky for them to let individuals know when they are doing something wrong, yet entirely this must be done. Perhaps the biggest error you can make as a leader is misjudging the significance of sharing critical yet valuable feedback. You should create an environment where individuals can give and get significant criticism on their work.

Mistreating Your Employees  

Many people new to leadership roles mistreat their employees how their former leaders mistreated them. This often happens when you follow the example of your predecessors. Try to treat your employees with respect and dignity. This will only help in maintaining your good relationship with employees. 


Being in a leadership position like Bardya Ziaian Toronto is not an easy matter, it is a challenging role. Your employees, as well as your company, depend on you. It is best to avoid common mistakes and take on the role with strength. 

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