Steps to check wireless network name and password of Linksys extender

Linksys wireless extenders set up a network name known as SSID i.e. Service Set Identifier. These devices are configured using a predefined default SSID network name and the Linksys extender login credentials. Generally, almost all extenders even from different manufacturers have the same SSID. However, it is recommended to change the extender’s wireless network name and password for security reasons. For instance, there is always need to configure Linksys WiFi extender password to keep then network away from security hazards. In the same manner, you should change the wireless network name as well as password of Linksys extender. This post will help you get the job done by providing you with the necessary steps. Continue reading.

Given that wireless extenders are the most popular devices across the globe, so there are good chances that your neighbors own the same type of extender you are using with the same default wireless network name or SSID. Well, this scenario could serve as a recipe for a security disaster especially if you don’t use encryption. So, make sure to check the SSID of your extender and if it the default one, change it immediately to something only you know.

There are 4 ways to check the wireless settings of Linksys extender: web-based setup page, Linksys smart WiFi, Linksys Connect and computer’s operating system. Let’s discuss them one by one:

  1. Web-based setup page

Head over to the web-based setup page of the extender. If you own Linksys extender, use web address. Once you are on the setup page, click on wireless section. View the settings of your wireless network carefully and make changes accordingly. In case you have an older extender, the web-based setup page looks quite different. In that case, launch an internet browser and enter the IP address to access the configuration webpage.

Now, click on SSID broadcast option. Move the mouse cursor to the security mode and click on it. Note down the values next to passphrase and security mode fields. If there is WEP security mode, one key among the 4 keys is your wireless password.

  1. Linksys smart WiFi

Open a web browser such as Chrome, Explorer, Firefox or Safari and use Linksys range extender IP address in the address bar. When the login window appears, type the username and password and click on login button. But make sure to have a valid cloud account. If not, create the one using sign up button.

Once done, click on wireless section on the left-hand side. You will be able to see the wireless settings of your device. Click on the edit link to change or update these settings according to your preferences.

  1. Linksys Connect

Linksys connect is a step-by-step wizard which helps you in connecting the computer and other networking devices in a wireless manner within minutes. It offers a range of powerful tools to manage your WiFi e.g. parental controls, guest access, security settings and advanced settings.

In order to check the wireless network name and password of your Linksys extender, open Linksys connect on the computer or laptop. Click on the start menu and go to all programs and then hit the connect button. Once the main screen displays, select extender settings option.

The wireless network name and password will be displayed on the screen. To change them as per your choice, access Linksys extender login page. Here, you can also change additional settings apart from network name and password.

  1. Computer’s operating system

To get the job done, right-click on wireless network connection icon and go to network center. You can also use control panel to access the network center. Click on the change adapter settings option. Finally, click on wireless properties. Once done, a new window will open which shows the network name and password. If you use WPS method to connect the extender, then press the Linksys extender WPS button.

So, these were our best ways to check wireless network name and password of your Linksys extender. In case, you need to similar tips like these, refer to the user manual. There, you will also find how to setup Linksys extender.

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