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Kollywood is on an upward trend and movie enthusiasts have much to look forward to this year in Kollywood cinematic releases, whether that means action, sci-fi, romance comedy or drama – there is something for everyone here! Stay informed on upcoming releases as well as your favourite stars – with our carefully curated list containing all of this year’s Tamil releases being an essential resource.

Upcoming Tamil Movies

Tamilplay.com 2023 offers an abundance of entertaining films spanning action flicks to family dramas, making Tamil cinema one of India and beyond’s favorite cinematic mediums with catchy musical scores and emotive stories.

2024 is shaping up to be an exciting year in Tamil cinema, with several highly anticipated releases such as Ajith’s film with Magizh Thirumeni, Kamal Haasan’s Indian 2, Suriya’s Kanguva and Dhanush’s Captain Miller alongside Lal Salaam all due for release this year.

Not all Tamil cinema is limited to big-budget blockbusters; independent Tamil films are also in production and on their way. While independent Tamil releases might not experience as much commercial success as their big-budget counterparts, they still promise to entertain audiences with unique cinema and narratives. ZEE5 provides access to many captivating TV shows exploring diverse cultures and time periods that you can stream without interruption on this platform – ideal for watching your favourite teleseres from home!

Latest Tamil Movies

Tamil movies provide something for everyone – action fans, romantic viewers and drama junkies alike can all find something entertaining here. The Tamil film industry continues to push the envelope when it comes to cinema – this year has some huge releases that will leave audiences speechless!

Check out these upcoming Tamil movies you should add to your watchlist – there is something for everyone in 2018! From romantic comedies to thrillers, there’s sure to be something suited to all audiences this year.

Mudhal Nee Mudivum Nee is a ZEE5 Exclusive film which follows the journey of an impoverished low-caste individual as they venture into Mumbai in search of wealth. Starring in pivotal roles are Sajin Gopu, Abin Bino, Ananth Nag and Siju Sunny.

Out of boredom, three bachelors attempt to conjure an Ouija board spirit out of curiosity – only for things to go off track when they sense an entity watching over them. Jithu Madhavan directs this eerie comedy-horror movie which also stars Soubin Shahir, Arjun Ashokan and Sajin Gopu in pivotal roles.

Tamil Movies List

From action-packed thrillers to romantic comedies, there’s something here for everyone. No matter if you are an avid Kollywood follower or not – we have all of the latest Tamil movies right here!

Tamil filmmaking began with its first silent film being produced in 1918, followed by its first talkie being released in 1931. Today’s Tamil cinema industry, commonly referred to as Kollywood, is widely recognized for producing top-quality productions.

This year will be an exciting one for Tamil films! New releases are planned and there is much to look forward to – whether you prefer action flicks or romantic comedies, make sure to keep an eye out for all the forthcoming Tamil flicks in Chennai!

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