Tips and Tricks to Promote your Salon Newsletter via Email

With an ever-increasing emphasis on physicality, businesses that have to do with the human body’s physical appearance seldom see dips in demand, and hair salons are among the top on that list. 

From periodic touch ups to attending to customers for their special occasions, hair salons really see business all year round. Still, with rising competition and ever changing customer expectations, even hair salons need to go the extra mile to stay relevant and on top of the market. And that’s where marketing comes in!

While marketing strategies can be diverse and cover multiple channels, one of the best avenues to implement is setting up a newsletter for your hair salon and promoting it via email. Not only does it have incredible reach, but a newsletter will help drive engagement from both existing and potential customers, as well as industry experts. 

Here’s how you can promote your newsletter via email:

  1. Work on your Subject Line

While people often spend time meticulously perfecting their email’s content, it’s actually another element that determines their first metric of email success – the subject line. Not only is your subject line the first thing that recipients will see, but in most cases, it’s also what’s going to determine whether or not your email is opened. And a deleted email that hasn’t even been opened isn’t going to do anything for the newsletter that’s inside – no matter how engaging it might be!

Some tried and tested tactics for improving your subject line and making it into a convertible one are to add the user’s name, highlight an offering – if any – in this section, and to attach a dated reminder so that customers both potential and existing are drawn towards the content. 

  1. Make CTAs a Must 

Chances are, not everyone who opens your email is going to read through all of it. To make sure that your newsletter is highlighted and catches the reader’s eye, it’s necessary to include strategic CTAs.

If you’re placing your actual newsletter in the body of the email, then add a CTA near the top of your email to direct user attention. And if your newsletter is available in a third place, for instance, your website or blog, then simply add a hyperlinked CTA button that redirects to the source. But in either case, the goal of the CTA is to break through the email body and command attention – so careful wording and even aesthetics are of the utmost importance!

  1. Use Email Templates

Another great way to promote your salon newsletter is by making use of an email template. Not only do premade templates ease the process of creating visually-appealing emails, but they are also often designed in a way that encourages user engagement, making for higher conversions on your newsletter!

And if you’re worried about nailing the template aesthetics, then PosterMyWall has got you covered with their range of fully customizable email templates. Not only can the templates be edited to match your salon’s branding, but the platform is also entirely user-friendly, making the entire process of email creation and sending a breeze. 

Simply browse through templates, select the one you like, edit and customize, and send your email on its way! 

  1. Use an Email Marketing Platform

No matter how much time you spend perfecting your email copy or design, what’s crucial in bringing about results and garnering reads for your salon newsletter is consistency. And since an unfinished email campaign is not going to shout for immediate attention, it might get pushed down in the list of priorities – leading to long-term damages and loss. 

A smart way to avoid this happening is to invest in an email marketing platform that lets you seamlessly handle all your emailing tasks and campaigns from one consolidated space. In fact, the PosterMyWall email marketing platform does pretty much that while letting you send custom campaigns, schedule automated emails, and track analytics. 

Not only does this ensure that your email campaigns are sent out on time and to the right audience – meaning that your beauty salon newsletter will gain more views and reads – but it also allows you to focus on more pressing business issues and day-to-day operations. 

So, if you’re looking to promote your salon newsletter via email, then these tips and tricks are your go-to for conquering the field. Just remember to bend and edit where needed for your salon, and to let your creativity shine through! 

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