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Why do Hotels Need Teepol Multipurpose Liquid Detergent?

We all can agree that detergent is an effective surface and clothing cleaner. It has encouraged innovators and scientists to develop a variety of compounds to meet that demand.

Detergent is an effective cleaning solution in every process because it contains surfactants. The soul of the cleaning is water, which has a property known as surface tension. And for any deep cleaning, we need water and complementary products such as liquid detergents to bring back the shine.

Hotels and standalone restaurants can use stringent detergent to wipe out all the stains in one go. That is why hotels use Teepol Multipurpose Liquid Detergent. 

Teepol Multipurpose Liquid Detergent

Teepol Liquid Detergent, as the name suggests, is designed for multiple purposes. They have designed it for all surfaces, and it is safe to use on every surface. It can remove harsh stains and particles like oil, food, grease, and other dirt.

About Teepol

Teepol is a brand that is associated with top-quality cleaning liquids. The food industry primarily benefits from this detergent as it is safe to use and very effective in keeping the areas clean. It is a multipurpose product for cleaning trays, floors, grease, walls, processing lines, conveyors, soiling from tables, etc. 

 Fundamental properties of Teepol Liquid Detergent

Multipurpose Cleaning: 

It is effective for multifunctional cleaning and degreasing fat, protein, and milk deposits and stains. Use it on aluminium / plastic crates, floors, walls, tables, and other food contact surfaces. It helps to clean and remove dirt from all the hotels.

Better Than Soap: 

The heavy-duty soap solution in the liquid cancels the need for soap. Teepol Liquid Detergent is superior to soaps because of the insoluble salts.


Soaps aren’t degradable. The solution can’t break them down in the water, and they cause water pollution. At the same time, Teepol liquid detergent is biodegradable.

Reasons To Use Teepol Liquid Detergents For Hotels 

Powerful Cleaner

For cleaning dishes and any stain in one go, Teepol Liquid is the best as it has potent cleaning properties. The neutral PH presence of Teepol ensures that it does not harm the surface while providing the deep cleaning required by a restaurant or food stall. 

 All-in-one Cleaner

 Teepol goes well with soft and hard surfaces, making it a ready-to-use product for any surface, including diluted water and extensive areas. Apart from kitchen surfaces, use it to clean bathrooms, floors, ovens, and plastic furniture. It eliminates oil, hard food, and grease from ovens, kitchen counters, windows, and floors, making it ideal for dishwashing and other general cleanings.

 Fresh at all The Times

This wonderfully aromatic, green-coloured detergent will not only leave the hotels spotless. Still, it will also keep their looks great and smells great, and it complies with all EU Detergent Regulations (Ensuring quality assurance & performance).

 The Number One Brand

Teepol brand has been the leading maker of cleaning and janitorial products and is part of the Dettol group of cleaners and sanitisers. Thanks to their years of experience, they only manufacture goods that deliver the most excellent outcomes. All these years, they meet the quality checks and ensure the highest quality and performance in their products.

 Performs Heavy Duty Work

Teepol products such as Teepol Reckitt Benckiser India have the strength to degrease solution for hard surfaces. As mentioned above, it is highly efficient and suitable to use on hotels’ kitchens surfaces to remove fat and deep fat, grease, and deep fat fryers, filters, and air drains, etc. 

 Professional Cleaner

Teepol is a professional cleaner product for windows. With just a splash of the detergent, it helps the hotel windows to give a new sparkling look back. 

 Cuts Through Heavy Deposits

Teepol cuts through heavy deposits and removes fat deposits through its powerful degreaser solution.

 Top Furniture Cleaner

It not just cleans the hotel’s furniture but also polishes it twofold. To quickly and easily clean all the hotel’s furniture is to select Teepol Multipurpose Liquid Detergent.

Teepol Reckitt Benckiser India

Teepol Reckitt Benckiser is a multipurpose cleaning detergent available online.

Teepol Reckitt Benckiser India brand gets manufactured in Uttarakhand. Teepol Reckitt Benckiser can be applied to food, pharma, chemicals, engineering, cosmetic and food industries. 

 Teepol Reckitt Benckiser India Brand Features:

Gravity: 1.05 +- 0.05

Organic Substances: Anionic Surfactant

Solubility: Fully Soluble in Water

 Wrapping Up

Hotels are the mainstream for hospitality. A hotel must start by keeping the internal and external places clean. Teepol Multipurpose Liquid Detergent is the right fit and it will ensure your hotel is clean and safe for both your employees and guests.

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