Types of Trucks

3 Types of Trucks And Its Benefits You Should Know About

Big trucks and trailers haul freight across the wild Australian Outback. The Outback is barren; trucks are needed to transport cargo. The sale of trucks in Australia is high because it is difficult to move freight to remote places in the interior and coastal areas without them. Trucks make up 4% of vehicles on Australian roads. All types of trucks for sale throughout the year because there is a demand for truck transportation. Trucks carry all types of goods, perishable and non-perishable, and are very economical compared to other kinds of transportation. All businesses would struggle if there were no trucks to transport freight across the country.

Types of trucks in Australia

Rigid trucks

Most trucks in Australia are rigid trucks that carry around 3.5 tonnes. They are commonly used to pull trailers. The two types of rigid trucks are light rigid trucks and heavy rigid trucks.

The light rigid truck has a low payload capacity and weighs less than 20 tonnes. They are used in construction, landscaping, and transporting. They are designed to transport less than 5000 lbs of cargo. These trucks can turn quickly on country roads with low sight distance. Their engines are less powerful, and they may lack ground clearance. They are primarily found in urban areas to transport things from one location to another.

The heavy rigid truck has a high payload capacity and weighs more than 40 tonnes. They are used in mining operations and transporting goods over long distances and are designed to carry up to 6000 lbs of weight. They are top-heavy because of their high center of gravity and have a chance to roll over if not driven carefully. They carry huge machinery used in the construction and mining industry. Drivers drive them at lower speeds on turns with sharp curves and narrow roads. They usually are found on highways because they can carry large cargo.

Articulated trucks

The articulated truck has a permanent or semi-permanent pivot joint that connects the front portion and the trailer. The joint allows the vehicle to turn sharply in curves. They are used in long-distance freight transport of bulky or heavy goods. They have better maneuverability and are great for transporting material over rough terrain, and do not require a smooth and flat road. Articulated trucks can move and dump materials from one spot to another.

Australia has more than 500,000 trucks, and trucking is the most profitable industry. It is expected to keep growing for the next few years. It is easy to buy a new or used truck in Australia, and people can avail of truck loans to help them with their finances.

Benefits of using trucks

Trucks provide door-to-door transportation of all types of goods.

Trucks are the best and cheapest mode of transportation.

Trucks are reliable means of transportation for quick delivery of goods.

Trucks can travel to near and far away locations at all times of the year.

Transporting freight through trucks is vital to the economy of Australia. Trucks have brought significant changes to the logistics industry, and the trucking industry will grow rapidly. It will significantly benefit the national economy and the logistics industry.

Australia has a demand for trucks, and people can find trucks for sale throughout the year. Australia has a sparse population scattered all over the country. Trucks play a significant role in moving goods efficiently to all locations within the country. They are a convenient form of transport and are reliable, timely, and fast.

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