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Cancer Robotic Surgery: A New Beacon of Hope for Patients

In the healthcare industry, robotic surgery technology has been improving the experience of both patients and surgeons. Robots have been used for general surgeries, but they are also used for different types of cancer surgeries leading to positive surgical outcomes. Robot surgeries have allowed surgeons to access areas that could not have been possible through traditional surgery.

Robotic surgeries are breaking new ground and reinforcing the prominence of surgery in healthcare. Also, in the future, robotic surgery will likely become more affordable for everyone. Robotic surgery is flexible and more effective than traditional surgeries, thus becoming the preferred option by healthcare professionals, medical institutions, and patients.

Revolution of Robotic Surgery in Healthcare

Cancer robotic surgery in India has benefited many patients due to the advanced and precise technique. It has improved the surgical processes related to cancer. However, initially, robotic surgery had begun with prostate or urological surgeries to enhance access to areas that are hard to reach.

Robotics in surgery assists skilled surgeons in improving their accuracy. Because of this accuracy, only a small incision is required, which results in less operative pain and quicker healing time. The skin heals quickly because of the less impact on the tissue. The increase in robotic surgery has also been providing more and more patients with the hope of better outcomes.

Despite the word “robotic”, cancer robotic surgery is not entirely automated. Rather, it requires a skilled surgeon to guide and use it for optimum effects. For patients, it offers a better surgical experience which is made possible in many hospitals across India, including BLK-Max. Moreover, more health institutions have been opening up to the idea of robotic surgery, which is further being propelled by its acceptance by insurance companies.

How does Robotic Surgery Impact Society?

Cancer robotic surgery in India has been having a considerable impact on society and carries a strong potential to enhance the way surgeries are conducted. Robotic surgery has brought a lot of benefits, and these benefits get highlighted by surgeons. Surgical procedures using robots include tiny instruments that are maneuvered by the surgeons using a console.

As a result, the tiny instruments allow for small incisions, which would not have been possible if the incisions had been made with hand-held instruments. Further, robotic surgeries provide surgeons with enhanced optics, such as a 3D vision which expands the view of an anatomy structure and increases the chances of safety and precision.

With robotic surgery, surgeons can view every detail in the operation area on a screen and then make adequate adjustments as required in real-time. Thus, the patient benefits from the skill of the surgeon enhanced by the usage of the latest technology.

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How do BLK-Max Hospitals make a difference?

BLK-Max Hospitals have a robotic surgical program with some of the most enhanced robotic surgery procedures and techniques for paediatric and adult cancer patients. Several competent surgeons at BLK-Max, such as Dr. Surender Kumar Dabas, Dr. Ashwani Sharma, Dr. Rahul Kapoor, Dr. Neha Kumar, Dr. Himanshu Shukla, etc., are responsible for the surgeries that take place.

The process at BLK-Max Hospital includes making tiny incisions and inserting robotic instruments and a camera in the operation area. After this, the surgeon uses a console to control the movements of the robotic instruments. From this, it is understandable that robotic surgery allows surgeons to have real-time movements with the help of instruments with precision inside your body.

The benefits of robotic surgery at BLK-Max Hospitals are several; these include high precision, less visible scars, low risk of complications or infection, less pain, less blood loss, shorter hospital stay, less healing time, greater visibility, etc. BLK-Max Hospital has several oncological programs using robotic surgery. These include a head and neck cancer surgical program, a thorax and lung cancer surgical program, a gynae-oncology surgical program, a thyroid cancer surgical program, and gastrointestinal cancer surgical program.


Cancer robotic surgery is a great option depending on the circumstances, and it is comparatively better than opting for traditional surgical procedures. But, at the same time, traditional surgeries can also be effective and safe, again depending on the patient. The Best Cancer Hospital in Delhi at BLK-Max Hospital, you can get the best robotic surgery procedure with its team of highly efficient surgeons.

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