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It doesn’t matter whether you are setting up an AC600 range extender from Wavlink or on the path to complete the Wavlink AC1200 setup, you have to access FYI, it is a local web address that is to reach the in-built management software of the range extender. You can use it as a substitute in case the default Wavlink IP fails to work for you. But, have you ever thought of a scenario when you can’t access this very URL?

It seems that the same has already happened to you. Don’t worry! It never means that you cannot manage your home network anymore. If you pay a little attention to the techniques that we’ve mentioned in this post, you can easily access the extender’s login URL. Keeping that in mind, continue reading.

Potential Causes Behind Inaccessibility of Wavlink URL

There are various reasons due to which you are not getting success in accessing the login web address in the discussion. But, the most possible cause is that your device does not support the use of this web address. This is to inform you that some Wavlink WiFi range extenders are manageable by ap.setup URL. Therefore, you must try using it in place of and see if the login portal of the extender appears.

Just in case, you are still facing failure, then the following reasons might be stopping you from logging in to your wireless range extender and managing it:

  • Your client device (the one you are using for Wavlink login) is connected to the wrong WiFi
  • The web browser in use is flaunting an outdated software version
  • You have input the web address into the search box of the web browser
  • Typos in the URL can also stop you from accessing the extender’s login page
  • Antivirus programs active on the device also have the ability to cause problems while accessing the Wavlink extender login address

So, these were the most prominent reasons why you might find yourself stuck while accessing the WiFi range extender’s default web address. Now, it is time to shed light on the tips following which you will be able to fix the problem.

Solutions: Can’t Access

Solution 1: Power Cycle the Extender

Although this reason was not covered in the previous section, technical glitches still have all the power to subdue your range extender’s performance and create hurdles while managing it. Therefore, you must get them resolved at any cost. The best troubleshooting technique that can help you address them is a reboot or power cycle.

All you have to do is switch off the range extender followed by the router and keep it idle for 15-30 minutes. After that, re-plug both devices and turn them on in the same sequence as you powered them down. Now, try to access URL and see if the door to the Wavlink WiFi extender setup wizard i.e. the login page shows up.

Solution 2: Perform General Troubleshooting

Apart from power cycling your home network, you can try doing the following things to fix the issue in discussion:

  • Connect your computer to the WiFi network of your extender instead of random WiFi.
  • Upgrade the web browser you are using to access the default web address of the extender.
  • Use the address bar of the browser to enter the web address. It is located at the top.
  • Make sure that the default web URL entrée is error-free.
  • Temporarily disable the antivirus application or program installed on your PC.

Solution 3: Reset the Extender

If you are reading this solution, then it is a clear sign that following the aforementioned techniques was of no avail. Therefore, we advise you to take the help of the ultimate troubleshooting tip i.e. factory default reset. Know that performing a factory reset on the extender will wipe out all the major and minor issues that you are facing.

In an attempt to reset your extender, consider finding the Reset button located inside the hole with the same name. It can be generally located at the extender’s back panel. As soon as you see the button, consider pressing it using an oil pin or a paper clip. You can also use another sharp object. Keep the button pressed for 15 seconds. As soon as you release it, the extender will reset. Configure it again using

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