Setek WiFi Range Extender Keeps Rebooting? How to Resolve?

Are you one of those users who are experiencing the Setek WiFi range extender keeps rebooting issue? Is it stopping you from doing Setek WiFi extender login? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Here, we have talked about every way in which you will be able to resolve the issue at hand with ease. With that said, read on.

How to Resolve Setek Extender Keeps Rebooting Issue?

  1. Check the Extender Power

First, you need to check the Setek WiFi range extender power supply. On the off chance if your Setek extender is receiving an improper power supply, then also it can be one of the major reasons behind the issue. So, for getting the issue fixed, you need to ensure that your Setek extender is plugged in a proper way. Apart from this, the extender should be plug in to a non-damaged wall outlet. Now, see if you are still getting the same issue. If yes, without delay give the next troubleshooting tip a try.

  1. Perform a Firmware Update

You need to update the Setek wireless range extender’s firmware. Look, if the firmware version on your Setek device is outdated, then also you can encounter the rebooting issue. So, don’t think much to update the firmware of your using the correctextender login credentials. Before proceeding further, we suggest you update the firmware of your Setek keeping its model number in mind.

  1. Reboot or Restart Extender

You need to power cycle your Setek device. Sometimes, due to technical glitches, your Setek extender may not work as per expectations, resulting in the issue. Need not to worry! We have got you covered! To keep your Setek device away from technical glitches, you need to power cycle it. Wondering how to reboot your Setek device? We will provide you instructions to power cycle your Setek device in a hassle-free way. Scroll down a little!

Disconnect your extender from your existing modem and unplug it from the electrical power socket. After applying the first step, wait for a few minutes. Reconnect your devices. Now, see if you are still getting the same issue or not. Verify it by accessing Setek extender loginpage.

  1. Check the WiFi Connection

Now, you need to check the connection you have made between your Setek wireless range extender and the host router. Chances are that your devices are not connected in a proper way. Thus, for fixing the Setek device keeps rebooting issue; ensure a proper yet secure connection between your Setek extender and router.

  1. Relocate Setek Range Extender

No luck? Well, the placement of your Setek V device plays a very vital role when it comes to its proper functioning and smooth performance. So, to make the most out of your device, you need to avoid placing it near to baby monitors, Alexa devices, play stations, cordless phones, Bluetooth speakers, gaming consoles, thick walls, windows, etc. But, do not avoid placing your device away from your range extender.

  1. Configure the Device Again

Another reason behind getting Setek extender keeps rebooting issue might be improper setup. Look, you have to keep the aforementioned troubleshooting tips into consideration, apart from this; you also have to ensure that your Setek device is configured in a proper way. Having doubt whether you have performed Setek extender setup in a proper way or not? Well, in that case, resetting wireless device is suggested. Setek WiFi extender reset process is well-known for fixing the improper setup issues. Therefore, reset the first then configure it again from the scratch.

The Bottom Line

Here ends the article discussing about the various troubleshooting tips through which the Setek extender keeps rebooting issue can be resolved. We expect that after reading the info given above, you will easily be able to log in to your device and access a blazing-fast internet connection on all your client devices. What do you think of this post? Was it worth a read? Well then, you should share your answer with your fellow readers. The same can be done if enter what you have in mind in the comment section and click on the Enter button. Soon your fellow mates will be able to read your comment.

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