Comfast Extender Firmware Update Failed [Quick Fixes]

Did you try to update the firmware of your Comfast range extender? But, it seems that you failed to do so. If what we’re guessing is true, then walking through the hacks jotted down in the write-up is the only suggestion we have to give you. But, before all that, we want you to learn the correct steps to upgrade the extender’s firmware. Maybe the Comfast extender firmware update failed because you followed the incorrect approach.

Comfast Extender Firmware Update [Steps]

Here are the steps that you are required to give a shot at for installing the newest firmware version on your wireless range extender by accessing the Comfast WiFi extender setup wizard:

First things first, get your hands on a network cable.

Use the cable for creating the extender-router link.

After that, access the Comfast IP on an upgraded internet browser.

Log in to the range extender using the correct admin password.

Make your way to the Firmware Update page.

If you are asked to upload the firmware file, first of all, download and save it via a new tab.

The firmware file must match the model number of your extender.

Upload the file and wait.

That’s it! This is how you can equip your wireless range extender with the latest version of the firmware. But, what if even after following the correct approach, you are unable to climb the ladder of success? In that case, the following hacks will help you out.

Comfast Extender Firmware Update Failed [Fix]

Make Changes to the Web Browser

Perhaps, the process was followed sequentially, but it was the platform i.e. the web browser that was the culprit. What we are trying to convey is that your web browser might not be ready to assist you with the firmware update process. Therefore, ensure that:

The web browser you are using for the Comfast extender firmware update process is operating on the stable software version. It should be updated too.

There is no cache, cookies, or browsing history stored in your web browser.

Your web browser must not leak your important information to suspicious sites. It must be secure to use.

Therefore, you are required to make the required amends with the browser and update the firmware after that. In case you are still facing problems, the next hack can be given a shot.

The Firmware File Should be Correct

Let us imagine, you followed the correct process and also put the updated web browser to use, still, there are chances of the Comfast extender firmware update process getting failed. The reason being, the file uploaded on the Comfast setup wizard must be correct. Refer to the points given below to understand what we’re trying to say:

The firmware file should be in accordance with the model number of your wireless range extender.

You should always upload the latest firmware version file. Uploading the obsolete version may brick your WiFi device.

Never upload the wrong firmware file on the extender’s portal. Especially, one that has nothing to do with the extender’s firmware update.

Last, But Not Least

With that, we are wrapping up the post discussing what to do if the Comfast extender firmware update failed. Now, we hope that you will be able to get success with the process. However, you also have to take care of the connection between your router and extender while updating the firmware.

Since the connection shared by the devices during the firmware update is wired, you are supposed to put a non-damaged cable to use. Additionally, the working status of the Ethernet ports and the strength of the connection also matter. Thus, take care of the same.

Moreover, you should ensure that the PC or another device used for upgrading the firmware of your wireless range extender must be flaunting the latest software version. And, above all, it must be free of viruses. After you take care of all the factors involved, nothing will stop you from getting success with the extender’s firmware update process.

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